1. About the program…

Among the thousands of developers who use OutSystems every day, there are truly passionate tech experts who contribute to the community regularly both online and offline. They can be found answering questions in the Forums, creating new Forge components, organizing meetups or writing blog posts and tutorials about the technology.

The OutSystems Most Valuable Professionals Program recognizes these valuable experts and introduces them to the OutSystems ecosystem of partners and customers as the elite developers in the market. The program also aims to empower these developers to unlock their potential and increase their expertise on the platform, giving them the tools to master all versions of the platform.

2. Benefits of being an MVP

The MVP program is a vital part of the OutSystems community. To thank MVPs for all their hard work in transforming the Community into a library of knowledge and a place to share experiences, they are eligible for the following exclusive rewards and benefits.

Product Feedback

Membership in an exclusive Slack group and access to the OutSystems R&D team:

MVPs have a private Slack channel where other MVPs will be, along with members from the OutSystems R&D team—the brains behind the logic you create!


Recognition in the OutSystems ecosystem:

MVPs are the technology experts, and they are recognized as such by OutSystems partners and customers. Others view them as elite developers, and their reputation is global.

Access to Release Notes

Early access to the OutSystems Roadmap and Release Notes:

MVPs know what’s coming in OutSystems before anyone else does.

Free Certification Exams

Free certification exams and training:

MVPs can take certification exams and attend Bootcamps at no charge for as long as they are MVPs. (Bootcamps are subject to seating availability and this benefit does not include travel or lodging).

Moderator Privileges

Special Community moderator privileges:

MVPs can act on what they see!

Local Meetings Support

Sponsorship of MVPs to speak at and organize meetups:

If an MVP would like to speak at or host a meetup, we can help with setup, swag and more.

Event Sponsorship

Recognition in the Community and at OutSystems events:

MVPs get special shout-outs and more for their contributions, efforts and enrichment of the OutSystems community at large.

MVP Badges

Unique OutSystems MVP swag and badges:

MVPs get a lot of cool stuff. Of course there are the t-shirts, but we don’t stop there. And, there are logos and badges for email signatures, blogs and more. You’ll easily spot an MVP. They are the ones who have their own badges in their Community profiles, and next to their name in the Forums, Forge and Ideas.

Has this sparked your interest?

If so, here’s everything you need to know about becoming an MVP.

3. Requirements to become an MVP

Anyone can apply to be an MVP, but only a limited number will be accepted. What makes someone worthy of being an MVP? For starters, they need to:

  • Have used OutSystems for more than 1 year.

  • Become or already be a Certified Professional Developer.

  • Be active active in the developer community at large (forums, meetups, and others).

4. Requirements to be an MVP

  • Sign an NDA and honor the commitment.

  • Adhere to guidelines and conduct.

  • Contribute to the Community through Forums, Forge, content and/or meetups.

5. How MVPs contribute

An MVP title comes with the responsibility of being an active member in the OutSystems Community and the OutSystems development community as a whole. If you are interested in being an MVP, there are 4 different ways you need to demonstrate your value (you don’t have to pick just one, either).

Which of these best describe your value when it comes to...

Product Feedback

The Community Forums:

  • Your motto is “No question left behind!” You are the kind of developer who helps others get answers to their questions every day except weekends (and maybe even then).

  • You can confidently say that one third of your answers in the Forums are marked as final solution.

  • You dedicate your time to taking care of and moderating our Forums and Forge! You don’t like outdated content.

Community Forge

The Community Forge:

  • You are a master craftsman. You’re a Service Studio champ, and you can’t wait to build components and explore integrations. The IDE is your playground, and everyone knows that once a month a new component will be built by you.

Creating Content

Creating Content:

  • You are a machine. Every two months, you crank out an article for the blog, a how-to or two, documentation, tutorials or even something cooler (and our team is happy to support you).

Product Feedback

In-Person Meetups:

  • You are such a people person that organizing or speaking at a local meetup every other month is something you’re very likely already doing. You might even have crashed some events and proudly showcased your apps built with OutSystems (not that we’re telling).

So, where do you see yourself?

Of these four, which are the ones that make you think, “Yes, this is a perfect description of me!”

6. Checkpoints and Renewal

We want you to stay motivated and keep enjoying the experience—after all, you’re our Most Valuable Professional. At the end of March, July and September each year, we will let you know where you are at in terms of the contributions you’re required to make. We will let you know which level you are at so that we can make sure you are on the right path to renewing your MVP status.

In December, there will be a final checkpoint. If you’ve achieved your goals, it’s up to you to decide if you want to extend your MVP title for another year.

Once you are an MVP, the title will be valid for one year, and renewal will take place in January (after December’s final checkpoint).

7. A Few Legal Matters

We hope you’ll never need to use this clause but just in case: You can leave the MVP program at any point. Similarly, OutSystems can ask you to leave if you don’t fulfill the requirements you committed to.

If you choose to take on this challenge, we’ll ask you to sign an NDA to protect all information disclosed (both ours and yours).

8. Application process

The application process has 3 steps:

Step 1
Step 1:

The first round is collecting nominations from the community, so anyone can nominate someone that has made a difference to them, in one with the characteristics described above.

Step 2
Step 2:

After the nomination period, nominations are passed to the community team and other OutSystems employees to get feedback.

Step 3
Step 3:

MVPs are selected.


Q: What if I don’t sign the NDA?

A: Then you cannot become an MVP. Due to the information that will be shared, we require you to sign an NDA.

Q: What if I only have an Associate Developer Certification?

A: We will offer you a free certification exam for Professional Developer, and you have to take it and pass within 3 months of entering the program. This is the required level for an MVP.

Q: What if I’m not certified?

A: We will offer you a free certification exam that you can take during the first 3 months after you become an MVP (and you’ll need to pass it).

Q: What if I fail my certification exam?

A: If you fail your certification exam, we will offer you a second chance to take it within the next 3 months. If you fail twice, unfortunately, you will not be able to stay on the MVP Program.

Q: What if my certification expires while I’m an MVP?

A: We will be happy to give you the opportunity to take another certification for free.

Q: What if I don’t have time for these contributions but still want to be involved in promoting OutSystems?

A: That’s great! There are other ways you can get involved in the OutSystems ecosystem - please reach out to us so we can provide you more information on this.

Q: How will I know my contribution progress?

A: The community team will reach out to you at the end of each quarter to make sure you have the right tools to achieve your goals!

If you need more information, please contact mvp.program@outsystems.com