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How Fast Is Fast? The Truth About Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) Platforms


Paul Squyres
Paul Squyres

Sr. Director, Product Marketing, OutSystems

Duration: 1h


In this webinar

A third party independent study was recently conducted to uncover just how much time AD&D teams can save by using a RAD Platform. During this webinar, we’ll not only share the results of the survey, we will also explain how to determine if RAD platforms are right for your organization.

What the webinar will cover:

  • Average amount of time savings RAD platforms offer vs traditional approaches
  • Key needs and objectives for considering RAD platforms
  • Five keys to success when choosing a RAD platform

About OutSystems

OutSystems provides the enterprise Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform that makes it easy to develop apps once and deliver seamlessly across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Web - deeply integrated with existing cloud and on-premises databases and systems of record.

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