From IT Chaos To State-Of-The-Art In Record Time


In this webinar:

Mobile and web application development is hard, but does it have to be? The dizzying array of considerations (platforms, form factors, integrations, skills, speed) can make it seem impossible.

Come join us for a 30 minutes session with demo about why the problem is so difficult. Find out how you can solve this issue and accelerate innovation to your employees, citizens and suppliers while delivering state-of-the-art user experiences.



Duration: 34 mins.


Rodrigo Castelo

Rodrigo Castelo
Director for OutSystems in the Middle East

Castelo has over a decade of experience and in-depth knowledge in Enterprise IT. He started as developer in R&D, headed Product Management at OutSystems. In recent years he acted as a pre-sales, did business development, and sales management and operations.  


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