OutSystems Releases Agile Platform 5.0 with New Business Process Technology

Agile Platform Solves Disconnect Between Traditional BPM Tools and Application Management Life-cycles

SAN RAMON, CA, 17th November, 2009


OutSystems®, provider of the Agile Platform, today announced the immediate availability of the new Agile Platform 5.0.

Based on customer requests and feedback, the addition of new business process technology to the award-winning Agile Platform integrates the two life-cycles of application development and business process management within a single, powerful environment—enabling the automation of business processes and delivery of flexible web applications that are built for continuous change.

With this version, OutSystems extends the Agile Platform’s existing capabilities for building Rich Internet Applications by adding a new business process technology layer, enabling IT organizations to model, integrate, deploy, execute, monitor and optimize human-to-system processes that are 100 percent in synch with the applications that support them.

Agile Platform 5.0 visual modeling, integration and deployment of process-driven applications

The Agile Platform’s application modeling environment is now extended with new process modeling objects for defining human-to-system interactions.

The unified modeling capability streamlines process definition and deployment by allowing the process layer to leverage model artifacts from the application layer.

Agile Platform 5.0 TrueChange enables rapid process change and updates

The Agile Platform’s TrueChange engine is extended to the process layer, enabling self-healing and impact analysis of changes in either process or application objects.

Business process definitions and their supporting applications can now be changed rapidly and kept in synch using Agile Platform 5.0.

Agile Platform 5.0 Embedded Process Automation (EPA) technology speeds deployment and user adoption

The new EPA technology allows simplified deployment of process definitions with innovative support for automating human-to-system interactions.

A new TaskBox feature allows organizations to streamline the deployment of new and changed business processes with automatic task notification, intelligent workflow support and process documentation at users’ fingertips.

Agile Platform 5.0 process monitoring supports integrated reporting across business process and application data elements

The Agile Platform 5.0 will ship with a predefined analytical model providing process reporting directly from the defined process management APIs.

This model, built with the Agile Platform, can be easily extended to integrate application data and KPIs to provide powerful business analysis.

Agile Platform 5.0 Additional Enhancements

The Agile Platform 5.0 also includes enhancements to its integrated IDE: supporting in-flight validation; copy and paste across a wide range of model objects; improved support for web service integration; and simplified support for the delivery of multi-lingual applications.

Beta customers for Agile Platform 5.0 and the new business process integration capabilities included VanAmeyde (insurance claims outsourcer) and Jerónimo Martins (retail conglomerate with 1,800 stores).

About The Agile Platform

OutSystems’ Agile Platform is the first unified solution based on Agile methodologies to address the full life-cycle of delivering and managing web business applications and supporting business processes. It can be used to integrate existing systems, compose and automatically deploy new applications, manage them centrally and drive change during their entire life-cycle.

The Agile Platform 5.0 functionality is also available free as part of the Agile Platform Community Edition, providing developers with an easy way to create web business applications and explore Agile techniques without any vendor lock-in. The Agile Platform Community Edition is a full version of the Agile Platform for building web business processes and applications that can be deployed into production for personal use or by small businesses with up to five concurrent end-users.

Supporting Quotes

“Due to the complexity of our business and the need to support rapid change across our claims handling product offerings we recognized the need for an integrated approach to managing our business process and the applications that support them,” said Marco Valkenburg, IT Manager at Van Ameyde. “We have worked closely with OutSystems R&D to help ensure the new process technology of the Agile Platform 5.0 release would allow us to streamline our application life-cycles and enable us to respond faster than ever before. We now support 14 different business profiles, using over 400 different web pages across 16 high-level business processes that each break down into an average of 100 individual activities. With the Agile Platform 5.0 our IT team has a truly powerful way to support our business processes, which are no longer developed and managed separately from the underlying applications, but integrated and perfectly in sync.”

“By using the Agile Platform 5.0 we have significantly improved the speed with which we can adapt our business applications in reaction to changes in overarching business processes,” said Antonio Leal, CIO at Jeronimo Martins.

“A major challenge facing organizations today is the need to implement applications combining traditional development and process management to gain greater flexibility and save time,” said Massimo Pezzini, Vice President and Gartner Fellow at Gartner, Inc. “Tools that can bridge BPM and application management easily and cost-effectively, but also enable applications to rapidly adapt to business changes will be welcomed by enterprises.”

“The Agile Platform 5.0 represents a major milestone for OutSystems and our customers as it dramatically improves the ability to drive efficiency and optimization across the enterprise by automating business processes,” said Paulo Rosado, CEO at OutSystems. “By leveraging application artifacts, such as data elements, user interface objects and existing business logic when defining business processes we now provide dramatic improvements in an IT organization’s ability to deliver innovative web applications and drive rapid change across both the process and business application layers.”

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About OutSystems

OutSystems’ Agile Platform is used by IT teams around the world to rapidly develop and manage flexible web applications and business processes using agile methodologies. The integrated platform unifies the two life-cycles of application development and business process management within a single, powerful environment—enabling the automation of business processes and delivery of flexible web applications that are built for continuous change. Companies use the Agile Platform to integrate, assemble, deploy, monitor and manage web apps and business processes—delivering business value in weeks rather than months or years.

Introduced in 2001, with over 6,500 installations, OutSystems’ Agile Platform has been honored with multiple CODiE and JOLT awards and is supported by an active community of more than 1,700 developers, 500 certified practitioners and over 50 implementation partners. Its free Community Edition is also available at https://www.outsystems.com/download.

For additional information, please visit: https://www.outsystems.com.

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