OutSystems Announces Four New Agility Award Winners

OutSystems’ Award Program Recognizes Latest Agile Application Projects Delivered On Time, On Budget and With 100 Percent User Adoption

San Ramon, 3rd November, 2009


OutSystems®, provider of the industry-leading Agile Platform, today announced its four new winners of the OutSystems Agility Award, recognizing accomplishments for projects that were delivered following an Agile process and exhibited real business benefit.

Travelzoo, Van Ameyde, Home Energy and REN Trading were recognized. The award winners span the globe from the United States, the Netherlands and Portugal.

The new Agility Award program was launched at the end of May 2009. The awards are submission-based and recognize teams and organizations who have fully embraced Agile methodologies and iterative, user-oriented development to deliver application projects on time, on budget and with 100 percent user adoption.

In the spirit of Agile, the Agility Awards will be given on an on-going, monthly basis. For a list of all award winners visit www.outsystems.com/company/agility-awards/.

Agility Award Winning Projects and Supporting Quotes

Travelzoo and their integrator, the OutSystems Solution Delivery team, for www.fly.com, an advanced travel search engine that aggregates airfare information from hundreds of airlines and travel agencies to present the best prices to users who are then able to filter, sort and customize the results to their own needs. Delivered in 28 weeks with 14 sprints.
"Using the OutSystems Agile Platform allowed Travelzoo to produce a solution that not only caught up with the market as of when we started, but in fact kept up with and leapfrogged our leading competitors in a number of areas,” said Max Rayner, Travelzoo’s Chief Technology Officer. “This would not have been possible without our lean, agile approach, and the way in which OutSystems’ Agile Platform enables extreme performance and flexibility.”

Van Ameyde and their integrator, the OutSystems Solution Delivery team, for the ECHO-LOCO system, which supports the business processes for localized insurance claims handling of multinational clients in the Van Ameyde organization. Delivered in 29 weeks with 14 sprints.
“The Agile approach we were able to adopt with OutSystems’ Agile Platform ensured our ability to integrate all business processes in an extremely short time period and in a highly flexible manner,” said Marco Valkenburg, IT Manager at Van Ameyde.

Home Energy and their integrator Reditus, for the new Business Management system which supports Home Energy’s Energy Certification and Energy Micro-generation business processes for the housing market. Application modules include: Call-Center, Mobility (running on Tablet-PC’s), Scheduling, Billing, Analysis and CRM. Delivered in 18 weeks with 6 sprints.
“Our time-to-market was a critical issue, having an experienced and skilled development team from Reditus using OutSystems’ Agile Platform, combined with the Agile methodology, allowed us to accomplish our goals. It wouldn´t have been possible otherwise.” Miguel Barreto, Home Energy’s Administrator.

REN Trading and their integrator Glintt, for SIRT, a centralized system for managing the trading and import/export of electrical energy. The system integrates data from multiple sources, formats and implements a highly complex data import and validation process. Delivered in 14 weeks with 5 sprints.
“The Agile methodology we used with OutSystems’ Agile Platform enabled the execution of the SIRT Project in multiple sprints with the sequential implementation of functionality by order of importance to our business – and allowed us to realign priorities during each iteration.” Fernando Santos, REN Trading Administrator.

OutSystems' Supporting Quote

“We’re very excited to see the latest group of award-winning Agile projects this quarter”, said Mike Jones, agile evangelist and Vice President of Marketing for OutSystems. “Each of these are significant, business critical and have been delivered in less than 6 months by using Agile methodologies; a true testament to the power of Agile.”

Supporting Resources

To learn more about the Agility Award program and the projects that have won an Agility Award previously visit www.outsystems.com/company/agility-awards/

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