Angelini Farmacêutica Implements Pharmacovigilance and Sample Management Solutions with OutSystems Platform

Lisbon, Portugal - 03 November 2006

OutSystems and Infosistema, an OutSystems Implementation Partner announce that they are implementing a tailored solution for managing, registering and analyzing drugs adverse reactions for Angelini.

Angelini Farmacêutica, a leading multinational company in the pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and wellbeing markets, committed to public health and regulation compliance, has strengthen the processes of managing and evaluating drugs adverse reactions, having decided to create a flexible system for regulatory reporting (Pharmacovigilance). The solution will be available online, allowing to register all drug reactions and submit the Periodic Safety Reports and the Drug Adverse Reactions Reports to the local regulator in a digital format.

Additionally, this new solution will provide Angelini with a centralized system for registering all samples handed out to the sales team and to health professionals nationwide, allowing to keep track of all distributed units, identifying their location and batch number and if necessary, activating security and contingency measures such as withdrawing the products from the market.

Both solutions were created with OutSystems Platform and implemented by Infosistema in 6 weeks. OutSystems Platform allowed to speed up the delivery of the new solutions and ensured they are totally aligned with Angelini’s specific needs and market regulations. According to Dr. João Guimarães, Director for Medical and Regulatory Affairs at Angelini, “besides the speed of implementation these new solutions offer us total flexibility. Being able to change and adapt them at any time, whether to manage a new business process or comply with new regulations, is fundamental for Angelini and represents a clear competitive advantage”.


About Angelini Farmacêutica

Angelini Farmacêutica, Angelini's Portuguese pharmaceutical operation, is engaged in the marketing of health-care and well-being products and remedies. The Angelini mission is to meet costumers’ day-to-day needs with effective, reliable and high-quality pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals that are widely available and accessible. In so doing, Angelini aims to provide real and tangible support for the wellbeing of each and every consumer. This goal is expressed through a clear vision: to be consumers’ first and automatic choice in the field of health-care and every-day wellbeing. Angelini has one of the highest quality and most comprehensive product ranges in the health-care market: prescription medicines, generics, over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals together with disinfectant and first-aid products, herbal and natural remedies as well as absorbent products for personal care and hygiene. To learn more about Angelini, please visit:


About Infosistema

Founded in 1996, Infosistema is a consultancy company that provides professional services on consulting, technology and outsourcing. Committed to providing innovation, higher performance and productivity has helped large and medium companies to develop growth strategies making use of technology based on solid and critical business solutions.

Having vast expertise in areas such as Strategic Outsourcing Services (IT Outsourcing, IT Sourcing), Enterprise Management Solutions (ERP, CRM, Collaborative Portals, Document Management and Workflow) and Intelectual Property (Software products), Infosistema mobilizes resources, skills and technology to improve its customers’ productivity and efficiency. To learn more about Infosistema please visit:

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