OutSystems announces dual stack support for .Net and Java

Redwood City, California - 21 April 2006

OutSystems has announced the pre-launch of its latest version of OutSystems Platform, which will support the creation, maintenance and operation of both Microsoft .NET and J2EE applications.

With this launch OutSystems extends its technology to further embrace open source and open architectures. This OutSystems Platform version will allow customers to decide, after the application has been created, the target technology in which they wish to deploy it.

The dual stack capabilities of OutSystems Platform have already been applied in a Government led project that aims at unifying all citizen information. In this particular project two of the involved government agencies use different operating systems but require identical applications. With OutSystems Platform the same application was automatically deployed in both.NET and J2EE with no need to implement two distinct applications in each of the target technologies.

According to Paulo Rosado, OutSystems CEO, “the growing proliferation of enterprise systems that are based in open standards like Linux and Java is increasing the pressure on proprietary and closed platforms. This is especially true in the USA. With this new launch OutSystems has an enviable position of being able to offer its clients the possibility of deploying native .Net or J2EE applications, very fast and with low effort. From an investment protection point of view, it totally makes sense.”

Unlike proprietary technologies and closed frameworks, OutSystems Platform makes all application code accessible and doesn’t require any run-time engines to operate the produced applications. In fact, after the applications are deployed, the source code can be accessed, edited and deployed in another environment without OutSystems Platform, fully integrated with existing systems running in a mix of technologies.

This unique approach shows OutSystems’ commitment towards standards and open systems by assuring that companies can choose any underlying technology without being locked in on a proprietary technology.


About OutSystems Platform

OutSystems Platform includes a set of tools that accelerate the creation and maintenance of applications, using fully visual environments. In particular, Service Studio can be used to visually define all application components from data models to user interfaces, business logic and security.

The definition of the application is stack independent and can be deployed as standard .NET or J2EE applications on top of Windows Server or Linux servers.

Coupled with the support for Oracle and SQL Server databases, OutSystems Platform provides a technology mix that can be easily accommodated in the IT ecosystem of most companies.

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