OutSystems Releases Free Version of Agile Platform

Full-Version Agile Platform Community Edition Provides Developers Zero-Cost Opportunity to Discover Benefits of Agile Web Development

SAN RAMON, CA, 24th August, 2009 – Agile 2009 Conference


OutSystems®, provider of the industry-leading Agile Platform, today announced the immediate availability of the free Agile Platform Community Edition, providing developers with an easy way to create web business applications and explore Agile techniques without any vendor lock-in.

The Agile Platform Community Edition is a full version of the Agile Platform for building web business applications that can be deployed into production for personal use or by small businesses with up to five concurrent end-users.

With a small download footprint, simple installation process, a complete getting started guide and sample applications, the free Agile Platform Community Edition enables developers to explore building web business applications with Agile methodologies on their own terms and timeframe.

OutSystems is making a “no strings attached” version of its popular Agile Platform available in order to build a grassroots awareness among developers and drive further support and adoption of Agile development within the industry. At any time a developer can uninstall the Agile Platform without compromising their completed applications running in production.

OutSystems is also making available a series of getting started tutorials to explore the Agile Platform’s complete capabilities for delivering rich internet applications. In addition the Community Edition will come with sample applications to help developers build and hone their web application development skills.

OutSystems welcomes community collaboration and component sharing on the OutSystems Agile Network where the OutSystems’ community of developers share their expertise. Feedback about the platform is always encouraged and can be done through the Agile Platform’s Embedded Change Technology.

For developers who choose to build larger scale applications they can easily upgrade the Agile Platform Community Edition to support any size application through a simple upgrade path and new low-cost subscription based pricing model.

Supporting Quotes

“OutSystems makes Agile much easier, but it is important for developers to play around with the platform and discover it for themselves,” said Stefan Meier, Associate Director, Software Development, at XDx, Inc. “The Agile Platform Community Edition provides this opportunity and we can’t wait for more developers to try it and build awareness of how Software / IT staff and their business customers can benefit together from the improved communication process, time-savings and cost-effectiveness provided by the Agile Platform.”

“Developers consistently tell us they want unrestricted platform downloads -- no time bombs, no forced contacts with the vendor's sales staff, no limited-function versions…We thought in this era of open source, everyone understood this point about developer downloads. Downloads are a great way to encourage developers to learn your product's ins, outs, values, and issues. But developers learn at their own pace, not on your schedule. Developers need your whole product because they will follow a variety of paths to knowledge, not just the paths that make sense to you. And developers don't want to listen to a sales rep's pitch on the wonders of your software. Let your code do the convincing instead.” -- The Forrester Blog For Application Development and Program Management Professionals; Developers Want Unrestricted Downloads; August 18, 2009; John Rymer, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.

“The OutSystems Agile Platform is a very compelling choice,” said Justin James, Blogger, TechRepublic. “It takes the guesswork out of many aspects of application development and deployment, such as scaling across servers, versioning, rolling back, and more. I am also very impressed by the workflow: there is finally a direct connection between the users, the business domain experts, the developers, and the systems administrators, and it is a full and complete circle. The best compliment that I can give Agile Platform, is that it does what it claims to do, and does it well. In this industry, that is extremely unique.”

“The Agile Platform offers developers an end to end solution for the delivery of web business applications that overcomes the development, delivery and change issues faced by Enterprise IT shops when trying to apply Agile methods,” said Mike W Jones, Vice President Marketing, OutSystems. “We anticipate that the Community Edition will lead to a grass roots growth in loyal users of the Agile Platform and eventually new customers.”

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OutSystems provides the Agile Platform, the first unified solution based on Agile methodologies, to address the full life cycle of delivering and managing web business applications. Companies use the Agile Platform to integrate, assemble, deploy and manage applications on-time and on-budget—delivering business value within weeks versus months or years. Since it was first introduced in 2001, the OutSystems Agile Platform has been used in over 4000 IT environments across 138 countries.

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