OutSystems Releases OutSystems Hub Edition 3.1

Lisbon, Portugal - 31 August 2005

OutSystems has announced the release of OutSystems Hub Edition version 3.1 which presents a powerful set of new and innovative functionalities to further accelerate the creation and change management of enterprise applications.

Since its first release in 2002, the OutSystems Hub Edition platform has been addressing a global problem faced by IT organizations: the inability to deliver enterprise applications as quickly as the business requires. OutSystems Hub Edition revolutionized the way applications are created and maintained, providing the right tools for IT departments to become highly agile organizations that consistently deliver new value added business solutions.

The OutSystems Hub Edition 3.1 presents innovative features to:

• Promote software reusability: Parts of applications can be shared and reused, leveraging existing systems and investments. New applications can benefit from reusable components, being created faster and thus lowering the applications creation costs;

• Accelerate and simplify Integration with existing systems and databases: A new visual tool, the OutSystems Integration Studio, accelerates and simplifies the creation of components to integrate with existing systems and databases. These connectors are deployed centrally and become immediately available to be reused in all applications;

• Extend the support for large development teams: A new set of functionalities provide extended support for large development teams. This ensures that multiple application designers can be working on the same application simultaneously, increasing the team’s productivity while ensuring a coherent and collaborative work environment;

• Provide improved usability and performance: Time consuming and repetitive tasks have been simplified and accelerated in order to improve the general usability, accelerate faster deployment of applications and increase overall productivity.

OutSystems invests significantly in its product excellence and quality, with the clear objective of improving the agility of IT organizations, reduce TCO, shorten implementation cycles and address a wider range of business problems in extreme change environments. OutSystems Hub Edition 3.1 enables the alignment between the IT and the business organizations, showing greater and faster return of the investment.

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