OutSystems Hub Edition platform provides Multilingual Support

Lisbon, Portugal - 11 October 2005

OutSystems has unveiled the new OutSystems Hub Edition platform version, featuring Multilingual Support.

In the global economy, an increasing number of geographically dispersed workers demand computing systems that support multiple languages. This is especially true for multinational companies with central systems that are accessible to several distinct regions.

However, the burden of creating, operating and maintaining enterprise applications that support multiple languages can be quite prohibitive and multilingual initiatives are often restricted to corporate websites alone.

The new OutSystems Hub Edition 3.1.3 version eases this complexity by providing built-in multilingual support that speeds up the launch of applications and simplifies its maintenance and evolution:

• Seamless localization of any new or existing OutSystems application. The platform can be used to automatically extract all localizable items from an application. These can then be used to create specific resources for each required language;

• No special care is needed when creating applications. Unlike traditional technologies where all translatable resources must be explicitly defined, applications created with OutSystems Hub Edition are automatically prepared to be localized with no additional effort;

• New resource files containing additional languages can be included in existing applications with limited effort. After the new version of the application has been deployed, these new languages become immediately available to users;

• All localization resources are packaged into the application ensuring that it can be automatically deployed using the 1-Click-Publishing process;

• A set of multilingual functions can be used during design-time to implement functionalities that allow end users to dynamically change the displayed language of an application.

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