IRAR Optimizes Services Control Using OutSystems Solutions

Lisbon, Portugal - 03 July 2006

OutSystems announces that IRAR, the Portuguese Institute for the Regulation of Water and Solid Waste is developing a new and fully adapted system based on the OutSystems Open Source solutions to optimize the control of services provided by its associates.

IRAR is responsible for the regulation and monitoring of several activities related to the water sector, among which are the water supply to populations, the treatment of residual waters and the management of solid urban waste. These services are rendered by hundreds of external companies, requiring a permanent information exchange to ensure the effective control of the services delivered by these operators to the population.

In order to accelerate the creation of a system that responds to the specific needs of its activity, IRAR selected the OutSystems solutions. These solutions allow for the main functionalities of the new system to be immediately available, accelerating its implementation. Using OutSystems Platform, IRAR may adapt these solutions to its specific needs and implement additional features to support the organization’s specific processes. The final solutions will be totally aligned with IRAR’s unique needs, with limited effort and risk.

The new IRAR system will be available through a web portal, where all applications can be accessed, in different levels, according to the user profile. The system, managed by a small team from a central back office, will be totally implemented on a single scalable infrastructure, to which new applications can be added at any time according to the evolution of the organization’s information needs. As a result IRAR will accelerate its return of the investment and ensure an effective reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The applications to be deployed in the first phase of the project will include process management, requisitions management, document management, contact directory for employees and external entities, discussion forums and invoicing. An image bank, press clipping repository and library management will also be available in this first phase, which should be delivered in 10 weeks.


About IRAR

IRAR is the Portuguese Institute of Water and Waste Regulation. In compliance with the existing legislation, IRAR oversees all activities related to the water supply, waste/water treatment and disposal as well as solid waste collection, recovery, treatment and disposal. Such activities are a structural part of the public service, vital to ensuring public health and safety of the population, as well as to the economic activities and environment protection. Additional information available at:

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