Butler Group names OutSystems a Leading Rich Web Applications Platform

London, UK - 22 June 2007

OutSystems announces that it has been named by the Butler Group as a leading global provider of Rich Web Applications (RWA) with its Application Management and Development solution.

According to Butler analysts, OutSystems Platform is “a highly versatile software development product that fits well with the needs of businesses today” and “can significantly improve the time to market and the quality of business applications.”

OutSystems Platform is being used by over 70 companies across 7 countries and 12 industries, to quickly deploy enterprise applications that respond their fast-paced businesses in a cost-effective way.

OutSystems’ objective is to meet companies’ business needs by continuously deploying value-added applications in the shortest time frame possible. As Paulo Rosado, OutSystems CEO points out, “businesses can no longer wait months for IT to deliver the applications they need. Nor can those applications continue to include unnecessary features, while vital business requirements are neglected. Our application management and development solution allows companies to replace this slow and expensive model by a fast and cost-effective one that truly empowers their business, resulting in real competitive differentiators”.

Among the technological strengths that support OutSystems value proposition, Butler Group highlighted:

- the highly visual development environment that increases productivity and accelerates application development;

- the dual stack support that allows applications to be deployed in standard .NET or Java using the same source, and that ensures the openness of the final application, with no technology lock-in;

- the support for Agile development methodologies, which become more important as the competition grows in all businesses, creating the need for a faster and more flexible IT;

- the rollback facility to any previous version that fully automates all processes and tasks related to application versioning.

From the top-10 analyzed products, OutSystems Platform was the only one that showed no technological weaknesses. The Butler Group RWA Report identifies OutSystems as a vendor to consider in every technology selection process. Michael Azoff, Senior Research Analyst at Butler Group considers that OutSystems “has championed an innovative approach to software development for the enterprise based on an advanced platform”.

The report also states that “most businesses can benefit from using OutSystems Platform in their development projects. When coupled with the suitability of the tool within an Agile way of development, this makes the offering from OutSystems a persuasive proposition.”


About Butler Group and the Rich Web Applications Report

Butler Group is the IT End User division of Datamonitor Plc and is a leading provider of Information Technology research, analysis, and advice. Founded in 1990, Butler Group is respected throughout the business world for the impartiality and incisiveness of its research and opinion.

Butler Group Technology Evaluation and Comparison Reports provide a high-level, strategic overview of a technology and cover areas such as the business issues, technology features, and deployment considerations. This is followed by a rigorous and detailed analysis and comparison of the leading technology vendors and their supported features, culminating in technology ranking and market position tables. Interactive Models are also provided for these Reports, which allow these comparisons to be personalised to an individual organisation's requirements.

Butler Group believes building Rich Internet and Web Applications will become the default mode of application development in the future, currently driven forward by concepts intrinsic to Web 2.0, and Service Oriented Architecture. For more information please visit www.butlergroup.com

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