Microsoft’s “Innovation Starts Here” features OutSystems platform

Lisbon, Portugal - 16 June 2005

OutSystems has been featured in Microsoft’s “Innovation Start Here - Microsoft & Innovative Software Solutions” (vol. 4) of 2005.

This Microsoft publication presents worldwide growing companies that use Microsoft’s technology to develop innovative solutions.

OutSystems has been included in three of the nine categories identified by Microsoft: Application Development, Collaboration and Integration. These are the areas where Microsoft recognizes OutSystems Hub Edition platforms’ main capabilities and advantages, stated in the success story of ANA Aeroportos, also included in this document.

OutSystems helps fast paced organizations to build, change and operate enterprise IT solutions that need to be in the hands of business users quickly, integrated with existing systems and constantly adapted to ever changing business requirements.

This is achieved via a software platform that revolutionizes the way IT departments support the full life cycle of enterprise applications. OutSystems fosters a "built-to-change" approach where at any phase of the applications' life cycle new functionalities can be quickly added and user feedback easily reflected with no additional project risk.

OutSystems is a Microsoft technological partner.

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