Oni Communications accelerates the provisioning of corporate customers using OutSystems Platform

Lisbon, Portugal - 04 June 2007

OutSystems announces that Oni Communications has selected its Platform to deploy a new provisioning system for corporate customers. This solution is already in use and provides Oni Communications with a complete tool to accelerate and globally manage all provisioning services for its base of corporate customers.

Oni Communications holds a market share of over 20% in the Corporate Segment, making it of strategic importance to the company. The process of provisioning these customers is complex and entangles the collaboration of several departments with different information needs. The new solution manages the entire process, supporting all required activities in a continuous and centralized way.

The solution was integrated with existing systems and ensures all information is aligned among every team, and eliminates duplication of tasks and information, ultimately accelerating the service delivery. Miguel Allen Lima, Oni Communications’ IT Manager explains that “although we had a clearly defined process, there was still a gap between the systems used to support each phase. With this solution we now have a single, continuous process”.

The system is available to all employees involved in the provisioning process, from project managers to the sales and operations teams, and even external services suppliers. The new solution also provides key process indicators to monitor each phase. As a result, the solution offers extra visibility on the process and optimizes the Outsourcing management, making it easier to identify the activities that require external resources and their allocation. To Miguel Allen Lima, “now we can consistently grow the efficiency of our services offer which, on a short term, makes us more competitive”.

The speed to deliver new applications and the simplicity in integrating existing systems were fundamental for Oni Communications’ selection of OutSystems Platform. The new solution was implemented in just 4 months and it is integrated with existing systems like SAP, SAPi, Arbor (invoicing application) and Oni Communications’ CRM System, as well as external systems from service partners.


About Oni Communications

Oni Communications is a global operator of communication solutions, focused on the corporate and operators markets. The company is owned by The Riverside Group (62,5%) and by Gestmin SGPS (37,5%), through WinReason. Additional information available at: www.oni.pt

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