OutSystems Launches First Fully Integrated Platform for the Delivery and Management of Web Applications Using Agile Methods

Lisbon and San Ramon, CA - 14 October 2008


OutSystems® today announced the upcoming release of the All-In-One Agile Suite, the first unified platform to address the full lifecycle of delivering, managing and changing Web 2.0 applications based on Agile methods. The entire suite will be available in early November.

The All-In-One Agile Suite includes:

Embedded Change Technology (ECT), an automated mechanism to collect, structure and manage user feedback and requirements;

New Agile Network, a portal for accessing OutSystems’ purpose-built Agile project management tools, online training and knowledge base of expertise;

Agile Platform 4.2, an enhanced version that simplifies the creation of Web 2.0 applications leveraging Ajax.

Details on All-in-One Agile Suite

By bridging the gap between IT and an organization’s business teams, OutSystems’ All-In-One Agile Suite enables simpler, faster integration and deployment of composite Web 2.0 applications that accurately reflect business needs.

OutSystems is providing organizations with a complete, fully integrated platform to support all stages of web business application delivery and management, including legacy integration, new application composition, automated deployment, application monitoring, project management and requirements management.

Through the All-in-One Agile Suite’s automation of Agile techniques, business users play a direct role in the application development process streamlining application delivery and improving application adoption.

Details on OutSystems’ Embedded Change Technology

As part of the All-In-One Agile Suite, OutSystems’ patent pending Embedded Change Technology (ECT) is an automated mechanism for collecting business users’ feedback directly from a running Web application. Users simply point-and-click on the area in the applications where they want a change to be made and write their comments in the ECT pop-up window. The feedback is then made available to project managers and developers for review from the Agile Network’s Projects component.

ECT’s enforces a truly collaborative process by collecting feedback in a way that is intuitive to business users and displaying it in a way that is manageable by developers.

Details on OutSystems’ Agile Network

The Agile Network is a self-service portal that is constantly evolving to help customers and partners reach their application delivery goals. New tools, tips and training are added regularly.

Officially launched with the OutSystems Partner Program in September 2008, the Agile Network is now being extended and offered to end customers.

In this latest iteration of the Agile Network, customers will now be able to:

Manage and prioritize comments received from development projects, via OutSystems’ ECT, directly in the Agile Network’s Projects component;

Leverage OutSystems’ Agile project management tools for both sizing and managing agile projects;

Have access to the Agile Academy for all their training needs;

Choose from one of three editions: One for individual use, Team for single teams and TeamPlus for companies that have multiple projects and teams.

More About OutSystems’ Agile Platform 4.2

The Agile Platform version 4.2 will be offered in three editions, Basic, Professional and Enterprise and features:

Simplified development and delivery of Rich Interface Applications (RIA) based on Ajax;

Zero downtime deployment for mission critical applications;

Scalability enhancements for environments where the number of users reaches the millions;

Enhanced multi-language support for projects that need to deploy applications for different geographies;

Native/high-performance integration with legacy Oracle and SQL*Server databases.

Supporting Quotes

"For the first time, organizations and their leadership can expect IT and business teams to work together to deliver what they need, when they need it, and without any information loss when the team asks for changes,” said Paulo Rosado, CEO at OutSystems. “Our strong new product line is based on the principles of delivering the highest process efficiencies, optimization and competitive advantage to our customers".

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