OutSystems’ Partner Program Marks One Year Anniversary

OutPartners Fuel Agile Development Growth and Surpass First Year Goals

San Ramon, CA, 1st September, 2009


OutSystems®, provider of the industry-leading Agile Platform, today announced that its partner program has marked its first anniversary by exceeding original program goals.

The OutSystems partner program was designed to help market and sell the Agile Platform and supporting Agile methodology through a dedicated reseller channel. The program is a comprehensive worldwide initiative providing local support for every partner regardless of specialty or size.

The OutPartner program surpassed its first year goals by 28 percent in the numer of partners; overall impact on OutSystems revenue and includes 645 certified Agile professionals utilizing the Agile Platform and supporting Agile development.

Today, the OutPartner program includes 51 partners from around the world with a concentration in the US, Portugal and the Netherlands. Partners in each territory bring expertise across a variety of industry verticals and in application development using the Agile Platform.

Revenue from channel sales continues to grow and today represents 26 percent of global revenue, with partner-driven revenue representing 46 percent of the company’s revenue in Portugal.

During the first year of the program over 4800 individuals have joined the OutSystems Agile Network where it offers training and certification. The OutSystems community now boosts 645 certified Agile professionals who have amassed 1462 individual certifications across a range of Agile disciplines

OutSystems’ first partner to reach Certified OutPartner level is Glintt from Portugal. A Certified OutPartner goes beyond reselling and has established itself as an Agile delivery expert capable of handling complex projects using the Agile Platform and methodology. These partners have at least two full teams of professional level Agile experts assuring the high quality standards of the delivery demanded by our joint customers.

Supporting Quotes

“It is a privilege to be the first company to achieve the OutSystems’ Certified OutPartner level, not only because it is an acknowledgement of our daily work, but also because we identify OutSystems as the partner that is best aligned with our project methodology,” said Luis Grincho from Glintt. “It was clear from the beginning that the Agile Platform was an added value in the deployment of successful projects. The results speak for themselves.”

“The first year of the OutPartner program has surpassed our expectations in terms of partner’s joining, revenue impact and community growth,” said Paulo Rosado, CEO at OutSystems. “As we look to the second year we have made key adjustments to the program and expect many of our partners to evolve to the Certified OutPartner level increasing the quality of delivery and overall channel revenue.”


About OutSystems

OutSystems provides the Agile Platform, the first unified solution based on Agile methodologies, to address the full life cycle of delivering and managing web business applications. Companies use the Agile Platform to integrate, assemble, deploy and manage applications on-time and on-budget—delivering business value within weeks versus months or years. Since it was first introduced in 2001, the OutSystems Agile Platform has been used in over 4000 IT environments across 138 countries.

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