Energy provider Oxxio validates gas reconciliation using OutSystems

Maarssen, The Netherlands - 30 July 2007

OutSystems announces that Oxxio, the fourth largest energy provider in the Netherlands, has used the OutSystems application management and development solution to deploy an application that manages the complex process of gas reconciliation for regional grid managers. Oxxio selected OutSystems because of the positive experiences other energy companies have had with its solution, as well as the short development and implementation cycles offered by OutSystems.

Based in Hilversum, Oxxio sets itself apart from the competition by delivering energy-efficient services and products. All energy companies are required to report the estimated consumption for customers to the grid manager the next day, basing its data on consumption profiles. During the reconciliation process, all the differences between the planned and actual consumption of units of energy are settled. If the energy consumption is found to deviate from this estimation, settlement will take place on a retroactive basis. The objective of this new application is to automate and improve the effectiveness of the reconciliation process and minimize potential financial settlements.

According to Michel Tetteroo, Sourcing Manager at Oxxio Nederland BV, “since OutSystems has a great deal of experience regarding the development of application for energy providers, we have launched a three-week pilot for our reconciliation calculation process. Following this pilot, we built, test and implement the full application within the space of approximately 6 weeks. Besides allowing for quick development cycles, OutSystems applications are very flexible and easy to customize in case of changing requirements. In contrast to applications that are common to the energy sector and ERP systems, and are often very rigid, OutSystems flexibility allows us to substantially reduce development and management-related costs”.

About Oxxio

By adhering to its core values of advantage, transparency, sustainability and innovation, Oxxio has managed to become the fourth largest energy provider in the Netherlands since its foundation in 2000. Oxxio focuses on both the consumer market, SME market and enterprise market. Currently more than a million of Dutch consumers are using energy provided by Oxxio. Oxxio is a division of Centrica plc, which has subsidiaries including British Gas and Centrica Energy in the United Kingdom, DYNO and Luminus in Belgium, Luseo in Spain and Direct Energy, CPL and WTU in the United States. For additional information please visit:

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