OutSystems platform speeds up launch of rede4 mobile operator

Lisbon, Portugal - 01 July 2005

SonaeCom has selected the OutSystems Hub Edition platform to develop a system to support the whole online sales process of its new wireless operator, rede4.

The new mobile phone operator launched recently by SonaeCom fits in the low cost mobile operators market, offering simplified and low cost rates, promising their clients savings between 37% and 54%.

The business model adopted by rede4 relies on the internet as its central and most important mean of contact with clients, who can analyze the operator’s offer, order products and obtain information about their orders through the rede4 website.

To implement this new business model, the support system had to be integrated with several central systems and be able to manage the entire information flow, in real time.

The unique capabilities of OutSystems Platform were used to create the Ordering Management System, which is integrated with several central systems and provides all products, pricing and stock information to the rede4 website. The system also manages the entire ordering process, integrated with SAP, billing and payment systems.

According to Manuel Eanes, SonaeCom’s responsible for the rede4 project, “the capacity provided by OutSystems Platform to rapidly create complex systems that are perfectly aligned with business needs was fundamental for the success of this project, thus allowing the launch of the operations before schedule”.


About rede4

Rede4 is a new mobile operator launched by SonaeCom whose commitment is “to deliver the lowest price per minute in the market”. In the first hour after launch, rede4 accounted for 920 clients. Rede4 aims to reach 100 thousand clients by the end of 2005 and achieve a market share of 10% in four years (the equivalent to one million users).

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