REFER Automates Contract Management with OutSystems

Lisbon, Portugal - 20 October 2006

OutSystems announces that REFER, the company that manages the entire Portuguese railroad infrastructure, has deployed an OutSystems solution for supporting the company’s contract management processes. The eContracts system was deployed in just 10 weeks and manages the entire contracts process, automating all stages from the identification of the initiative until the actual signing of the contract.

With the deployment of eContracts, the entire process of contract management has been automated according to the company’s approval cycles, legal requirements and company-specific processes. The level of automation provided simplifies user activities and ensures that all involved employees follow the same procedures while reducing administrative overhead. All information is centralized and available for future reference, including the documentation that supports the whole contracting and selection processes.

Besides the transparency and standardization offered, the eContracts solution allows a considerable time reduction in all administrative processes, as well as a reduction in the paper circulation between hierarchies and departments. The integration with SAP makes it possible for the operational and financial activities of contract management to be managed in a coherent and integrated process, ensuring information alignment among all systems and minimizing manual intervention and information double entry.

This project strengthens the success of the relationship between the two companies. REFER had already implemented other solutions using OutSystems, like the eLV System, a critical solution that manages the entire speed limitation process in the areas of the railroad infrastructure under construction or maintenance.

According to Eduardo Freitas, REFER CIO, “the OutSystems solutions have shown great efficiency. Our specific information needs require full systems’ customization. On the other hand, they also demand from the technology a level of flexibility that allows solutions to be implemented quickly and changed even faster. This is what we have been achieving consistently”.



REFER is responsible for managing the railway infrastructures in Portugal, conducting its activities according to the principles of modernization and effectiveness so as to assure the continuous and regular supply of the public service. Additional company information available at

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