REFER choses OutSystems technology

Lisbon, Portugal - 18 March 2005

OutSystems has announced that REFER, the company that manages the Portuguese railway infrastructure, has chosen the OutSystems Hub Edition platform to implement a centralized system to manage train speed limitations – the eLV.

When a certain area of the railroad is under construction or maintenance, train speed limitations have to be imposed, conditioning the normal railway traffic. Until now the definition of these limitations was supported by a manual and time consuming process, based on information stored in several applications.

The OutSystems Hub Edition platform has allowed to integrate these applications, creating a single entry-point for the whole information. Once approved, the information regarding speed limitation is processed by the system and compiled into a document that is automatically printed in every affected train station.

The application periodically receives the status of each train station via Web Services and should any problem be detected, an e-mail is automatically sent to the system administrator. The eLV system is able to communicate in a structured and automatic way with geographically dispersed systems, located at each train station. The information is accessible in charts and maps that make it possible for users to choose the area they wish to analyze with one simple click.

OutSystems Platform has allowed REFER to leverage their previous IT investments, by integrating the existing systems. It has also fostered the adoption of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), promoting re-usage of existing services to compose new applications and lower future costs.

According to Eduardo Freitas, REFER CIO, “The OutSystems Hub Edition platform has allowed us to create a critical system for our activity, with all the features we needed. The eLV system is fully adapted to our specific needs and provides an impressive control level over speed limitations and their business impact”.

The eLV system was implemented by Meticube, a certified OutSystems partner.



REFER is responsible for managing the railway infrastructures in Portugal, conducting its activities according to the principles of modernization and effectiveness so as to assure the continuous and regular supply of the public service. Additional company information available at


About Meticube

The eLV System was implemented by Meticube, a certified OutSystems partner. Meticube covers several business areas, from Information Technology and Communications to Multimedia, providing complete services, solutions and products targeted on providing efficient replies to customer needs. Additional company information available at

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