Shortsea-Direct selects OutSystems

Lisbon, Portugal - 18 August 2005

OutSystems has announced that Shortsea-Direct has selected the OutSystems Hub Edition platform to create an integrated transaction and business execution platform that will allow an automated interaction between Shortsea-Direct and its business partners.

Shortsea-Direct is an online system that offers short sea shipping chartering and post-fixture services by connecting all parties within the sea transport supply chain – cargo owners, ship owners, brokers and agents. Sea transportation encompasses a thoroughly complex business process, exhibiting a need for constant information exchange between all interested parties on account of the logistical, administrative, financial and legal demands relating to this very dynamic activity.

By using the OutSystems Hub Edition platform, Shortsea-Direct will be able to provide a more efficient service given that all information will be transmitted in real-time. Through the use of Email and SMS notification mechanisms, it will become possible for business partners to work faster and more cost-effectively, in the process substantially reducing the administrative burden.

The main reasons for the choice of the OutSystems Hub Edition platform are the capability to seamlessly integrate with many different systems, together with the ability to change applications quickly, all with a very low project risk.


About Shortsea Direct is a "3rd generation" chartering and post-fixture platform designed for the European Short Sea Market. It offers the capability to connect all business partners, providing real-time information for execution and business processes management.

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