OutSystems Customer Van Ameyde Group Honored for BPM and SOA Innovation

OutSystems Platform Provides Unified BPM and Application Development Environment Supporting Van Ameyde’s Win of the ‘Business Agility and Process Optimization Enabled by BPM and SOA’ Contest

Marco Valkenburg

"An effective business process approach was critical to helping Van Ameyde grow and scale our business. Working closely with OutSystems and their Platform helped us deliver unified process and application functionality that is always in sync resulting in rapid change and delivery cycles needed to keep up with our business."

OutSystems, provider of the OutSystems Platform, announced today that its customer, Van Ameyde Group, has been chosen as the Overall Winner of the 2010 ‘Business Agility and Process Optimization Enabled by BPM and SOA’ contest.

The ‘Business Agility and Process Optimization Enabled by BPM and SOA’ contest is co-sponsored by the OMG’s BPM / SOA Community, BPTrends, ebizQ and SearchSOA, with the goal of highlighting business success stories and lessons learned to provide proof points and insights for other organizations considering or pursuing BPM, SOA or combined BPM-SOA adoption.

Van Ameyde, a company of the Dutch Van Ameyde Group, which operates directly in 16 European countries, manages the claims handling processes for approximately 350 insurance companies.

In 2008, Van Ameyde recognized the need to optimize its claims handling process in order to provide customers with the best service and transparency levels in the market

They needed a unified web-based business application to replace 10 independent systems that were being used by each company's branch to handle claims, with the objective of making information available to all employees across Europe. The new application would have to provide employees with standard processes, and yet reflect each country’s specific legal, currency, and language requirements. Van Ameyde also had the strategic objective of ensuring that the new application would be continuously aligned with the business, allowing for future changes to be easily implemented, supporting the company’s planned growth.

The team employed Agile methods and model-driven development to deliver and maintain its claims handling system known as ECHO (European Claims Handling Optimization). After evaluating several technologies and vendors, Van Ameyde selected OutSystems Platform to design, build and maintain ECHO.

Today, Van Ameyde takes advantage of OutSystems Platform’s unified process modeling and application development environment to deliver change across the ECHO application portfolio. Van Ameyde also leverages OutSystems Platform’s Embedded Process Automation engine to automate business workflow and the BAM module to monitor the process activity and identify areas for improvement. As a result, the business process and application development life-cycles are fully aligned and evolve and the same speed.

The ECHO solution delivered immediate business impact with a 30% reduction in the time required to resolve a claim. The company has streamlined its ability to open new branches to less than one week, a three to four-fold improvement over the old system. Also, with ECHO the company can now offer a new customer with customized claims processing.
ECHO has approximately 430 web pages, over 900 database tables, and encompasses 18 core business processes that include over 760 different business activities with more than 540 business rules. A recent count showed over 835,000 running process instances with more than 6,550,000 activities in flight.


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