OutSystems Answers the Future of Enterprise Applications with #AskRymer

Social Consulting Experiment provides an open Q&A with John Rymer, principal analyst at leading independent research firm

San Ramon, CA, 18thMay, 2010


OutSystems, provider of the industry leading Agile Platform application development environment, announced today that the company is sponsoring an open question and answer forum featuring Forrester Research principal analyst John Rymer to address the future of enterprise applications.

Taking the form of a “social consulting experiment”, OutSystems is giving the general IT community a chance to ask John Rymer their questions about the future of enterprise applications.

The general theme of the discussion will be “The Future of Enterprise Applications” but that is the only structure provided by OutSystems – the role of cloud computing, social media, collaboration, build vs. buy and more are all potential conversation branches.

Questions can be submitted through the project’s website and the conversation can be tracked via Twitter with the hashtag #AskRymer.

John will then answer the top ten questions in a video series posted on the project’s webpage, with the first video going live in the week of June 1st.

Supporting Quotes

“We’re excited to test out this social consulting idea and make John Rymer’s insight on emerging trends in enterprise applications broadly available,” said Mike Jones, VP of Marketing for OutSystems. “If you spend any time participating in technology Groups on LinkedIn or Twitter, you’ll know that the community has a lot of great questions – and we’re looking forward to hearing John’s take on them.”


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