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Agile PlatformTM 6.0 Dramatically Simplifies Custom Enterprise Web & Mobile Application Development, In the Cloud or On-premise

San Ramon, 19thMay, 2011

Agile Platform 6.0

Enterprise IT has always been unnecessarily complicated, but now with the added nuances of the cloud and an increasingly mobile workforce, the complexities threaten to overwhelm IT, particularly in the realm of application development. The Agile Platform 6.0 aims to cut through the red tape surrounding application development in the enterprise, providing a scalable, flexible and easy-to-use solution for almost every development scenario, from extending legacy applications with web 2.0 front ends to the full-fledged construction of device-agnostic mobile applications. Our goal is to make IT simple without compromising enterprise robustness, scalability and future change. The Agile Platform 6.0 accomplishes this.

Paulo Rosado, CEO at OutSystems


The 6.0 version of the Agile Platform represents the incredible passion of OutSystems ‘magic team’ to provide a fast and strong answer to the need of delivering mobile applications. The combination of IntelliWarp and the new mobile themes allowed us to rapidly develop a flexible and highly adaptive mobile interface on an existing application...as simple as the chameleon changes his color!

Rafael Pereira, Partner at Lisbon Solutions


OutSystems, provider of the industry leading Agile Platform application development environment, announced today the immediate availability of the newest version of the Agile Platform, version 6.0.

The new version provides enterprise IT developers and ISVs the ability to dramatically reduce the complexity associated with the design, development, deployment and operation of enterprise grade web and mobile applications. Major new features include:

  • apps@outsystems: An integrated suite of open source, ‘change ready’ business applications to jump start the learning process and rapidly deliver fully functional business applications in hours. Each application has been built to showcase good application design and includes an automated try, change, go-live process shifting the time-to-value from months to hours. These applications are free and represent true open source as they are easy to learn and change.
  • Go Mobile Initiative: Agile Platform 6.0 automates and simplifies the development of mobile applications for a range of devices including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile 7. Powered by enhanced IntelliWarp™ and TrueChange™ technology, 6.0 makes it easy for all developers to build and deliver rich mobile applications that render beautifully on all mobile devices. All of this is accomplished with the power and speed of the Agile Platform.
  • Do it in the Cloud: OutSystems now offers a complete cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for organizations seeking to eliminate the cost and complexity associated with managing their own development and production infrastructures.
  • Ease of Use – Enterprise Power: Agile Platform 6.0 offers a completely redesigned user interface, providing a streamlined development experience, simplified application portfolio management, and enhanced operational control including integrated end-user management and access control functionality.

The new apps@outsystems ”change-ready” business applications are open source and free to use and customize. Each application’s rich, out-of-the-box functionality and automated try, change, go-live process allow business leaders and IT professionals to simplify the decision process of either buying or renting software vs. building a custom solution. Each individual application addresses a problematic business process that nearly every company needs to automate and evolve as their business changes. In addition, the applications in each suite are fully integrated using a service based architecture. Start with one and grow as you need. Applications included in this release cover key business functions including Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management and customer facing web applications such as eCommerce. You can try them online at https://www.outsystems.com/apps.

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