Unprecedented Number of Companies Awarded for Innovation in Custom Application Development

OutSystems Announces First Quarter 2011 Agility Award Winners

San Ramon, CA, 11thMay, 2011

Twelve winning projects in the first quarter of 2011 highlights the fact that the need for business innovation and custom application development is alive and well. I was amazed at the variety of the customers and projects. From startups with new innovative applications to large enterprises and public organizations replacing legacy systems and building new functionality to support their changing businesses.

Mike Jones, VP of Marketing at OutSystems

Agility Award

OutSystems, provider of the industry-leading Agile Platform application development environment, announced today that 12 different custom enterprise web development projects have been awarded an OutSystems Agility Award. The award recognizes accomplishments for projects that were delivered following an Agile process and exhibited real business benefit.

The twelve projects spanned both the public and private sector with winners from around the globe. Each project, developed using the Agile Platform, followed an Agile development approach and exhibited real business value.

In the spirit of Agile, the Agility Awards are given on an on-going, monthly basis with winners formally announced each quarter. For a list of all award winners and details about each project below, visit the Agility Award Hall of Fame.

Agility Award Winning Projects


Bill AS delivered by ANA, the company that manages the airports in Portugal, and their partner Glintt in 27 weeks and 8 sprints;

Green Bar

Financial Modeling Application delivered by GreenBar America and OutSystems in 13 weeks and 7 sprints;


Health Coaching Management System delivered by WorldDoc in 21 weeks and 12 sprints;

Estradas de Portugal

Investments Plan Management Application delivered by Estradas de Portugal and their partner TrueWind-Chiron in 29 weeks and 10 sprints;

Agência Nacional PROALV

LLP-ERP delivered by Agência Nacional PROALV and their partner KeyValue in 5 weeks and 6 sprints;

Universidade de Coimbra

Lugus delivered by Universidade of Coimbra and their partner Glintt in 12 weeks and 5 sprints;


Portal for Customers and Medical Doctors delivered by IMI (Imagens Médicas Integradas) and their partner PKF in 22 weeks and 10 sprints;

Universidade de Aveiro

SCORE delivered by Universidade de Aveiro and their partner CONTISYSTEMS in 17 weeks and 12 sprints;

Estradas de Portugal

Supplier Management Platform delivered by Estradas de Portugal and their partner TimeStamp in 22 weeks and 7 sprints;


Tax Payment Processing System delivered by ERSAR and OutSystems in 9 weeks and 3 sprints;


Unified Form Application delivered by Portuguese Environmental Agency, APA and their partner Normática in 42 weeks and 10 sprints;


WebDoc 2.0 Management System delivered delivered by Normática in 14 weeks & 7 sprints.


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