Netherlands to be Freed from Warranty Claim Issues

ICICHECK Develops New Warranty System with OutSystems’ Agile Platform

Maarssen, 14thNovember, 2011



Without OutSystems, ICICHECK would not exist. We do not possess the in-depth programming capabilities to deliver the needed application functionality but nevertheless, we have been able to build the whole solution thanks to the Agile Platform and the support of the OutSystems team. In addition to our customer-facing website, the Agile Platform has helped us create our entire back-end system, including the financial processing, so it is safe to say that we have built ICICHECK completely using the Agile Platform. No other development and management tool we considered could provide the features and scalability of the Agile Platform, especially with this level of speed, flexibility and end user ease of use.

Rob Engler, CEO and founder of ICICHECK

ICICHECK is a great example of what one can achieve using the Agile Platform. The Netherlands is home to an amazing entrepreneurial ecosystem and we’re always very excited to support both startups and large established businesses, where unique business ideas get implemented in record time with the Agile Platform. We are very proud of ICICHECK’s accomplishments and are thrilled to see OutSystems technology serving consumers in such a unique and disruptive way

Carlos Alves, VP of International Operations at OutSystems

OutSystems, provider of the industry leading Agile Platform application development environment, announced today that it has worked with ICICHECK to provide a new application supporting Dutch consumers, manufacturers and retailers. Using OutSystems’ Agile Platform, ICICHECK has created a solution that sheds light on the complex world of warranties for electronic products. Leveraging an innovative website and mobile application interfaces Dutch consumers, manufacturers and retailers now have a simple, innovative way to process warranty requests. Historically, this process has been awkward and frustrating for both consumers and warranty providers - of the 160,000 warranty claims for electronic goods made each year in the Netherlands, about five percent end up in court or some other form of mediation.

According to recent research*, consumers believe that complaints are not dealt with in a timely manner and that they do not receive fair treatment from warranty providers. In many cases, consumers are unaware of warranty conditions or start the process by speaking with the wrong contacts. On the other hand, warranty providers are required by law to provide warranties and, as such, are forced to absorb high processing costs. Conflicts also arise between retailers (required by law to comply with warranty requirements) and manufacturers (that typically end up dealing with claims). The sheer complexity and scale of the process increases consumer dissatisfaction, leading to damaged reputation for companies involved. ICICHECK is poised to provide a solution to all these problems.

ICICHECK will grant warranty labels to manufacturers and retailers, which provide consumers with information about the warranty conditions of products in an easy to understand way. By checking the label, consumers will immediately know what warranty level they can expect. After buying a product, all that consumers need to do is register on ICICHECK’s website and create an account, this can also be done via scanners in some retailers. After that, a claims process can be processed automatically. Once registered, consumers can use their account to manage the warranties for all purchased products that feature an ICICHECK label. Therefore, in the future, consumers will not need to keep sales slips or warranty certificates, as the claims process will be completely digital, allowing them to track the claim status online.

A mobile application will also soon be developed with the OutSystems Agile Platform to help further streamline the process for consumers. After registering at the website consumers can download an application for their smart phone which fulfils two functions. A consumer can take a photo of the sales slip. OCR software within the application will then gather all the necessary information, combine it with the consumers account information and automatically complete the warranty registration process. Secondly, by taking the photo of the product in the shop which does not carry an ICICHECK label consumers can find out about its precise warranty conditions before they make a buying decision.

It is expected that this information will influence consumers decision in favor of a warranty provider’s product, who is a member of ICICHECK. Warranty providers also benefit from the automatic claims processing, saving on costs and creating trust amongst their customers. Manufacturers and retailers that participate by offering their customers ICICHECK labels gain a tangible competitive advantage over other businesses that still slog through the standard warranty process.

*Research conducted by Sander Lende Tilburg University.

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