OutSystems Announces Truewind-Chiron as a Certified OutPartner

Portuguese IT Company recognized with the highest level of the OutSystems Partner Program. It’s the 1st company with operations in Brazil and the 7th Portuguese company to achieve this status.

Lisbon, 5thJuly, 2011


The certification granted by OutSystems is a significant acknowledgment of our skills in the Agile Platform, ensuring that we have all the expertise required to support the entire software life cycle, from pre-sales and sizing to implementation, management and administration of complex projects. In addition to winning our first Agility Award, the Certified Outpartner status represents an additional guarantee to our customers. They can count on us to apply the Agile methodology and the Agile Platform in the development and operation of projects that create real value for their business, delivering applications on time and on budget, with total user adoption.

João Campos, Truewind-Chiron Executive Office


The recognition of Truewind-Chiron as a Certified OutPartner attests the outstanding technical capabilities and know-how of its team to develop and deliver top solutions based on the Agile Platform, as well as a deep involvement in the use of agile methodologies.

Carlos Alves, VP of International Operations at OutSystems

OutSystems, provider of the industry leading Agile Platform, announced today that Truewind-Chiron has become a Certified OutPartner, the highest level of the OutSystems’ Partner Program.

The Certified OutPartner level assigned to Truewind-Chiron recognizes the exceptional results achieved by the projects that this company has been developing for its customers using the Agile Platform. In fact, the project "Investment Plan Management Application" developed by Truewind-Chiron for Estradas de Portugal recently won an Agility Award.

Truewind-Chiron and OutSystems have also been working together to expand new markets with a special focus in Brazil.

Truewind-Chiron is the 1st Portuguese OutPartner company that operates in Brazil and the 7th Portuguese company to achieve Certified OutPartner status, which demonstrates the increasing role of agile methodologies used by Portuguese technological companies. Keep it Simple, Noesis, Normatica, PKF, Reditus and Glintt complete the current Certified OutPartner’s in Portugal. Today, OutSystems has over 56 partners around the world.

Created in 2008, the OutSystems Partner Program was designed to build a worldwide network of companies to develop, market and sell web business applications based on the Agile Platform. Members of the OutSystems Partner Program can leverage the power of OutSystems' Agile Platform and methodology to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market where delivery time and high quality business solutions are key to success.

The Certified OutPartner level is awarded to companies that embrace OutSystems' Agile Platform and methodology in their projects to generate real benefits to customers, always maintaining high quality standards and ensuring a team of professionals certified by the OutSystems’ Academy. Certified OutPartners resell the complete product line of OutSystems' software and services, with access to exclusive opportunities and support.

About Truewind-Chiron

Truewind-Chiron is a technological company that will leverage your business by reengineering processes, supporting them on software developed with the Agile Platform. Operating in Brazil and Portugal, Truewind-Chiron is a leading provider of Agile solutions for finance departments with vast experience in delivering new solutions on top of Oracle Financials for streamlined operations and easily adapting to change throughout the entire software lifecycle.

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