OutSystems Brings DevOps to the Masses with Agile Platform 7

Agile PlatformTM 7 Increases Control Over Application Development, Improves Application Lifecycle Management and Bridges the Gap Between Development and Operations Teams

Atlanta, GA, 10thMay, 2012

Agile Platform 7.0 - What's New

We have used the Agile Platform since 2008 and each release has brought powerful new capabilities. Today we have a large software factory with multiple teams, working on a large range of applications in different channels, delivered with the Agile Platform. Seeing LifeTime in action has us pleasantly surprised about the potential to further simplify our deployment processes.

Cristina Arbués, IT Architect at Caixa Seguros


For enterprise IT shops, delivering an application from development through production often resulted in bottlenecks, confusing handoffs and business risk. Agile Platform 7 changes that by providing a robust capability to simplify the collaboration between developers and operations teams. With visibility and control over the entire application lifecycle and a streamlined process for change management, teams are able to work together towards the end goal: creating and delivering great applications.

Paulo Rosado, CEO at OutSystems


OutSystems, provider of the industry-leading Agile Platform application development tool, announced today the immediate availability of their newest version: Agile Platform 7.

Agile Platform 7 brings three key advances to the product:

Simplified DevOps:

Agile Platform 7 introduces LifeTime, a new Agile Platform component for application lifecycle management that provides increased control over application development without sacrificing operational simplicity. With LifeTime devops teams will:

  • Simplify the effort and associated risk with staging an application from development to production allowing for improved IT agility.
  • Have an automated deployment process across all environments, from development to production, simplifying the ‘DevOps’ process and increasing overall IT efficiency.
  • Utilize a single console to monitor and manage their application portfolio increasing transparency and improving collaboration.
  • Have a powerful security model to help share operational activities while maintaining control.

Simplified SaaS

In Agile Platform 7 support for multi-tenant applications has been enhanced to provide developers a simplified experience for building multi-tenant applications that require full data isolation. New features allow development teams to focus on delivering a high value single tenant application and let the Agile Platform handle all necessary multi-tenancy needs. This new multi-tenancy feature-set has long been requested by our ISV customers and prospects and it has finally arrived, allowing them to build next generation SaaS applications with the same speed and flexibility all OutSystems customers experience.

Simplified Java Development:

Agile Platform 7 brings all its advanced capabilities for rapidly developing rich interfaces for web and mobile applications to the Java world. From version 7 forward all the new features of the Agile Platform will be supported on both the Java and .Net stacks simultaneously. This is yet another example of how the Agile Platform provides enterprise IT teams flexibility of stack choice while not sacrificing the delivery of great applications.

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