OutSystems Launches JumpStart: A One Day Immersion Course in the Agile Platform

The new JumpStart Training Course allows participants to assess the Agile Platform’s applicability to their business reality.

Lisbon, PT - March 13, 2012

This is a course targeted to IT Professionals - such as Web Architects, Java and. NET Developers - wanting to get an end-to-end overview of OutSystems and the Agile Platform. In particular, the course will focus on, all the components of the software development lifecycle from project estimate, to develop, deployment, change and monitoring of the applications. In essence, this is an initial step for professionals to acquire basic Agile Platform concepts.

Mário Araújo, OutSystems Academy Manager

OutSystems, provider of the industry leading Agile Platform application development environment, announced today the launch of a new one day course titled JumpStart. The course is targeted to enterprise IT professionals interested in getting a complete understanding of the Agile Platform’s full set of capabilities.

Recognized with several international awards, the Agile Platform has been increasingly selected by companies and organizations that need to create and manage enterprise web and mobile applications that respond to unique business requirements. This course is tuned to help new team members get a rapid understanding of the full capabilities of the Agile Platform in order to help them assess the rollout process and determine further training needs across their organization.

The first course will take place March 30 at the company’s head office in Linda-a-Velha, Lisbon and the second edition is already scheduled for May 4. The courses have a limited number of participants and will soon be rolled out into other regions.

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