OutSystems Announces New Agility Award Winners

From the Air to the Boardroom, Winners With the Agile Platform

Atlanta, GA, 5thNovember, 2012

Agility Award

This quarter’s Agility Award winners show how the Agile Platform can help deliver a tailored solution for citizen’s needs. Through an interactive process and constant end user feedback, these organizations were able to deliver new business applications to help improve their efficiency.

Mike Jones, VP of Global Marketing at OutSystems


The ultimate goal of the WAB3 project was to improve our payload estimations, in direct support of the company's fuel savings policy. The migration from the previous technology to the Agile Platform enabled the first demo to be delivered very early in the project life-cycle, leading to broad key user involvement in the development process. This iterative approach helped build widespread confidence that the solution was fully addressing our business needs.

Nuno Nunes, Weight and Balance program Manager at TAP/Megasis


With WebMeeting we were able to greatly increase the productivity of Board meetings and consequently the whole organization. One example is the ability to make the most important management decisions readily available to all Executive members through this application and its seamless integration with our Document Management System (also built with OutSystems Platform). This illustrates one of many ways WebMeeting helps achieve a more efficient and transparent public administration. The adoption of the Agile methodology and OutSystems Platform allowed us to easily adapt to end user feedback, as subtleties of the board meetings process were identified after each project sprint. With another technology it would have not been possible to implement this application in the same period of time and to this level of user acceptance!

Nuno Salvador, Head of IT, Pombal Municipality




OutSystems, provider of the Agile Platform application development tool, announced today two new winning projects for the OutSystems Agility Award.

This quarter’s winning organizations are focused on delivering a more productive and efficient service for citizens, through improved IT processes.

The Agility Award program was launched at the end of May 2009. The awards are submission-based and recognize application development teams and organizations who have fully embraced Agile methodologies and iterative, user-oriented development to deliver application projects on time, on budget and with 100 percent user adoption.

In the spirit of Agile, the Agility Awards are given on an on-going, monthly basis with winners formally announced each quarter. For a list of all award winners visit https://www.outsystems.com/company/agility-awards/.

Agility Award Winning Project


TAP: WAB3 - Weight and Balance

The WAB3 – Weight And Balance application is responsible for the estimation of aircraft weight without fuel based on passengers, baggage, cargo and pantry information, so that the fuel payload and flight plan can be calculated accurately. This project was required after many of TAP’s core systems were replaced, making it necessary to integrate information from multiple sources and formats that previously existed in one single system. In the rewrite process, the solution was further extended to allow for better payload calculations on long haul flights and was architected for future application evolution.
The WAB3 application was delivered by partner Do IT Lean, in 12 weeks (3 sprints).


Pombal Minicipality

Municipality of Pombal: WAB3 - WebMeeting

WebMeeting is user-friendly application that reduces paperwork and streamlines the process of preparing and holding board meetings for the City Hall of Pombal. The application makes it easy to capture the points for discussion and automates sending the final agenda to every member of the Executive Council prior to each meeting. During the meeting, WebMeeting can be used to follow the deliberations and voting by each member of the Municipal Executive via a computer or mobile device. When the meeting is concluded the application manages the creation of final meeting minutes (and their publication on the City Hall website) in a fraction of the time of what was originally required. The WebMeeting project was delivered by Normática in 14 weeks & 7 sprints.


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