OutSystems Launches in South Africa

CXO Advisor to Distribute the Agile Platform

Lisbon, Portugal & Johannesburg, South Africa – October 1, 2012

CXO Advisor

We are excited about the opportunity to work with OutSystems and to bring this innovative technology to Africa. We believe that the combination of the Agile and Rapid paradigms will offer accelerated skills, capacity and capability to the market, potentially assisting South African companies to take a much-needed technological lead in the African landscape.

Craig Terblanche (MD of CXO Advisor)


At OutSystems we view this entry in to South Africa as incredibly important for our business, especially based on the positive reception from the mid-to-large enterprise market, where we see urgent needs to rebuild legacy portfolios, modernize business operations through mobile and web solutions, and attain higher IT productivity and efficiency. The Agile Platform is a perfect fit for these needs.

Carlos Alves (VP for International Operations of OutSystems )


OutSystems, provider of the industry-leading Agile Platform application development tool, announced this morning a partnership with CXO Advisors, South Africa's leading independent ICT Advisory, to service local customers and grow the South African market. Under CXO Advisors’ leadership, OutSystems has now opened offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town and is looking to open a Durban office later this year.

Driven by changing business needs and global economic factors, organizations and their IT departments must approach application and systems development differently. Speed, agility, mobility, reuse, and innovation are the transformative factors forcing organizations to push aside old technologies and communication models to make way for new ways of working. Web-native collaboration solutions continue to grow in popularity, and not only with the “Internet generation.”

Against a backdrop of shrinking IT budgets and increased expectancy, business and IT managers are eyeing the opportunities afforded by cloud-based offerings and alternative delivery models for existing information management and collaboration solutions. The consumerization of the enterprise software market has changed the game forever for IT organizations, service providers and software resellers.

But what of governance, control and managing continuing business change? The Agile Platform is a new breed of end-to-end application development that provides a “step leap” improvement in productivity. The technology helps unify legacy and new systems by providing strong integration through an enterprise environment, simplifying complex IT processes while providing built-in best in class security.

On the subject of skills scarcity, Craig Terblanche, Managing Director of CXO Advisor, says: "We held the first OutSystems Agile Platform Developer boot camp in Cape Town last week and the feedback from delegates was ‘Brilliant.’ The platform really empowers business to innovate and change, while modernizing with a manageable and sustainable approach.”

CXO Advisor is using the Agile Platform to assist clients to baseline their current ICT investment and develop an innovation roadmap incorporating some of CXO Advisor's own unique, financially based IT Management best practices.


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