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Agility Awards

"On a system as complex as this, it was predicted that our monthly objectives would not be achieved in the first month of go live. To our surprise, they were not only achieved, but exceeded. In a month CollectionsBox implemented 250,000 actions on clients, including both automatic and manual actions. ClientBox registered over 60,000 calls in our call center and over 20,000 contacts in physical stores. The end result was a giant leap in efficiency and a project that made everyone happy: IT, business users and clients. With these two applications, Oney is well prepared to face its existing and forth coming challenges!"

OutSystems, a leading application delivery platform provider, announced five new winning projects today for the OutSystems Agility Award - recognizing accomplishments for projects that exhibited real business benefit and were delivered following an agile process. This quarter’s winning organizations represented companies working to drive innovation and business agility through improved IT processes.

The five winning companies were Açoreana Seguros, RET, ISPA, ONEY, and José de Mello Saúde.

The Agility Award program was launched at the end of May 2009. The awards are submission-based and recognize teams and organizations who have fully embraced Agile methodologies and iterative, user-oriented development to deliver application projects on time, on budget and with 100 percent user adoption.

In the spirit of Agile, the Agility Awards are given on an on-going, monthly basis with winners formally announced each quarter. For a list of all award winners visit https://www.outsystems.com/goto/agilityaward.


Agility Award Winning Projects


A├žoreana Seguros

Açoreana Seguros - The Services Portal
Implemented by Infosistema, Noesis and  OutSystems in 36 weeks.

The Services Portal from Açoreana Seguros was designed and built to support the relationship and interaction between claimants (insured or injured third party) and their Service Providers (with partnership contracts), allowing them to have a greater user experience and delivering an interface for information exchange in the pursuit of operational efficiency improvements.

As the primary and preferred interaction channel between Açoreana and Service Providers, Services Portal makes available key information including current financial accounts for each service provider partnership. In addition the portal provides service related key performance indicators that contribute to the provider rating evaluation and influences the assignment of future service requests. The Services Portal’s integration stack allows having state-of-the-art orchestration between web technologies, client-server operational systems and the mainframe.

The project has had great adoption across the user community of more than 1000 individuals where the new capabilities have not required any user training.



ISPA - Integrated Project Managent (IPM)
Implemented by Normática in 36 weeks.

The Integrated Project Management (IPM) system is, as the name states, a system that allows ISPA to provide an integrated solution across key aspects of academic management. This project replaced a legacy Lotus Notes system and includes a fully integrated Document Management System, Quality Management System and Academic website plus KPI Management which is currently being implemented as a second phase of the project.

The new IPM System allows ISPA to define and improve document approval workflows. The Quality Management System registers various aspects related to the quality of education provided in ISPA. Plus, the academic portal, integrated with the existing ERP that manages all courses, jobs, payments and candidates, allows the organization to communicate with the entire academic community in a seamless manner. The project also includes a decision support system where information for required KPI reporting can be managed and extracted.



José de Mello Saúde - Web and Mobile Sites
Implemented by Truewind-Chiron in 24 weeks.

The project delivered new web and mobile web sites for each of our eight individual hospitals/clinics totaling 16 new web properties. In addition we delivered a new web and mobile web site for the healthcare network, an institutional website for the holding company and a new website for senior citizen homes. All this was accomplished in a 7 month project, publishing 1,557 professional profiles and creating a pleasant user experience defined by the key requirement of having 90% of the information accessible within 3 clicks while being SEO friendly, leveraging the power of demand generation.

"Due to the scope of the project, the number of people involved and number of web/mobile sites to launch, the complexity and the risk were enormous. The ability and willingness of the project team to find solutions, incorporate feedback and present results were outstanding. The project went really well from the beginning, with remarkable flexibility and speed of deployment, only possible with OutSystems Platform."- João Campos, General Manager at Truewind-Chiron Portugal.



ONEY - Customer Loyalty System
Implemented by Normática in 26 weeks.

The Customer Loyalty System was developed to ensure a more effective and smooth client contact. It is split into two integrated modules, one for Credit recovery (CollectionsBox) and one for CRM (ClientBox). The system was designed to provide an integration layer with Oney’s core financial system so that users could have access to all information with just one click.

CollectionsBox supports the full range of management needs for a client’s portfolio including a full transaction log, unpaid status and amounts and credit blockage information. It automates strategic actions for each client segment based on value of debt, type of product, and many other variables. By providing a cost per action report we can determine the most cost effective actions allowing us to fine tune savings strategies.

CientBox manages client contacts in both Oney physical stores and in the Oney Call Center. It assures real-time information on financial product position and manages all back-office client requests assuring they are directed to the right department. The application provides an effective registry of all client contacts, actions, requests, and provides managers a complete view on each department down to individual user performance.



Implemented by COOLProfs in 18 weeks.

The goal of the RIVER project was to develop a web application to enable RET to provide up to date information to travelers about planned and unplanned disruptions in public transportation in the Rotterdam area. The RIVER project made it possible to efficiently share this information to all travelers via multiple communication channels including the RET website, the national public transport website OV9292, Twitter, SMS, local radio broadcasts and via dynamic information panels at bus and tram stops, in vehicles and in metro stations. Before the introduction of River, the team responsible for sharing travel information had to manually input the information into each different channel. This manual process was inefficient, slow and error prone often resulting in discrepancies between the different information channels resulting in traveler confusion. The RIVER application has increased the speed of communicating enormously: one message can be distributed up to 10 times quicker than in the ‘old’ situation. This means that 1 message is now distributed over all channels within approximately 2 minutes. This is mainly due to the fact that RIVER allows RET to push messages to all channels simultaneously (instead of sequentially).


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