OutSystems Announces New Agility Award Winners

Custom Portals Dominate Fourth Quarter Winners Across Both Commercial and Public Sectors

Agility Awards

"This round of Agility Award winners shows the power of OutSystems Platform for delivering custom web portals. The winning applications provided a wide range of capabilities from complex business transactions in regulated and secure environments to a public information portal using state of the art graphics and imagery to share data. The complexity of design and back office integrations coupled with the speed to delivery and great user experience set the standard for hyper productive application development environments like OutSystems Platform."

OutSystems, provider of the OutSystems® Platform application development tool, announced today five new winning projects for the OutSystems Agility Award, recognizing accomplishments for projects that were delivered following an agile process and exhibited real business benefit. This quarter’s winning organizations represented companies working to drive innovation and business agility through improved IT processes.

The five winning companies were Charles River Laboratories, G4S Cash Solutions, Portuguese Competition Authority, COSEC and Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation.

The Agility Award program was launched at the end of May 2009. The awards are submission-based and recognize teams and organizations who have fully embraced Agile methodologies and iterative, user-oriented development to deliver application projects on time, on budget and with 100 percent user adoption.

In the spirit of Agile, the Agility Awards are given on an on-going, monthly basis with winners formally announced each quarter. For a list of all award winners visit https://www.outsystems.com/goto/agilityaward.


Agility Award Winning Projects


Charles River

Charles River Laboratories - Internet Colony Management
Implemented by Reditus in 30 weeks & 6 sprints.

The Internet Colony Management application provided GEMS business with the means to improve its efficiency, provide better customer services, and decrease the number of errors in both task execution and data entry. Main features included:

  • Colony data/status available in real-time to Project Managers and Supervisors.
  • Tasks schedule and Technician workload management.
  • Tablet interface with step-by-step scripts for Technicians to perform tasks and collect data.
  • Billing interface with SAP integration (and other)
  • Customer Portal for real-time access to colony data/status.
  • BPT process for task requests between Customers and Project Managers.
  • Multi-language support to 5 locations, including Japanese!



Implemented by Everis in 39 weeks & 3 sprints.

The COSECnet project was a legacy migration / modernization effort designed to replace an existing Oracle forms based customer portal. The goal was to replace the existing system by renovating it’s layout while increasing and optimizing the services provided to end customers (insurance holders) and mediators.

The delivery team was focused on porting existing functionality and building a reliable, intuitive, easy to navigate and appealing interface.



Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation - PORDATA
Implemented by Reditus in 45 weeks & 14 sprints.

PORDATA is a contemporary Portuguese Database managed by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation. Containing accurate and independent information coming from official and certified statistics of the country and Europe, the Database is structured by several themes. This information comes from over 60 official entities, such as the National Statistical Institute or Eurosat. It is free of charge and available to all citizens.

Within this project, a new database PORDATA was created for Municipalities where you can access information from over 308 organizations from Portugal and Autonomous Regions, contributing to a better knowledge of the country with a regional perspective.

Technically, the solution was created as part of the PORDATA portal with specific pages/content and back office capabilities. This new Database was innovative in terms of integration with the geographical data system which allows the display of all indicators in a map mode. With PORDATA Municipalities the display/consultation environment and its operations were completely restructured.


Hotel das Amoras

G4S Cash Solutions - Customer Web Portal
Implemented by COOLProfs in 15 weeks & 4 sprints.

G4S Cash Solutions enables G4S customers to order cash and perform their transport planning (pick-up of packages) online. The new application provides a state-of-the-art web portal ‘experience’ with 24/7, self-service functionality: cash order-entry, master data management and planning.

Customer satisfaction increased as G4S beat the competition by establishing a stronger market position, reducing handling costs and human errors, while keeping customer information private.

"Using agile methods, the team worked closely together creating a great team atmosphere focused around the same goal: deliver a great customer web portal. In the end the customer got an application that works the way it was envisioned." - Engagement Manager, COOLProfs.


Autoridade da ConcorrĂȘncia

Portuguese Competition Authority - SIGAP - Sistema Integrado de Gestão e Acompanhamento de Processos
Implemented by Reditus in 30 weeks & 6 sprints.

SIGAP is a collaborative platform that provides the Portuguese Competition Authority a common workplace to manage processes and supporting documents.

The application gives the board and departments an integrated view of key business processes improving overall management capability. In this first delivery, the SIGAP application will handle major processes including Complaints Review, Restricted Commercial Practices and Restricted Practices to Competition.


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