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Leading IT research, analysis and consultancy organization, Bloor Research, has published an InComparison Report examining two PaaS (platform as a service) development solutions - the OutSystems Platform and  High-productivity cloud development platforms help IT organizations build modern, effective web and mobile applications that can be delivered and changed quickly.

High-productivity PaaS platforms, unlike PaaS-for-coders platforms such as CloudBees, Microsoft Azure or EngineYard, provide additional value and acceleration for web and mobile application creation.  High-productivity platforms allow organizations to quickly build and deploy applications in the cloud – significantly reducing the time and cost to build applications.

“The era of the silo’d IT shop is past and business success now increasingly comes from minimizing time-to-market, using agile, app-based, user-centric computing,” said David Norfolk, practice leader at Bloor Research. “The cloud and PaaS fits the emerging business automation model well – but businesses adopting these new paradigms still need and expect choice.” 

The comprehensive analysis of the OutSystems Platform and includes a seven-point comparison of architecture, performance, ease of use, fitness for purpose, stability, support, and value.

Download the executive summary or the full report here.


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