OutSystems to Speed the Delivery of Custom Web and Mobile Application Integration in the FICO Analytic Cloud

The OutSystems® Platform enables rapid delivery of custom web and mobile applications to nearly any device
Doug Clare, VP of Product Management at FICO

"From the standpoint of innovation, the advantage of a cloud environment is its ability to allow rapid development and deployment of new applications.

Now, with the participation of OutSystems in the FICO Analytic Cloud, our community of application developers, analytic scientists, businesses and other FICO partners will enjoy these advantages through an easy-to-use platform for rapidly delivering and maintaining enterprise-scale analytic-driven applications."

OutSystems, provider of the OutSystems Platform will be used in the FICO® Analytic Cloud to speed the delivery of custom web and mobile applications. The FICO Analytic Cloud, announced today by analytic software company FICO at its global conference in Miami, enables the creation, customization and deployment of powerful analytic-driven applications and services.

With OutSystems Platform, companies can rapidly deliver custom web and mobile applications that support nearly any device type. Once deployed, OutSystems eliminates the complexity and cost typically associated with modifying and updating applications, streamlining and simplifying change. As a result, developers can be as much as ten times more productive, and IT departments have more time and resources to deliver innovative solutions to support business requirements. In the FICO Analytic Cloud, OutSystems Platform will enable users to quickly and easily create, develop and deploy new analytic-driven applications and services.

The FICO® Analytic Cloud will spur Big Data innovation by giving application developers, business users and FICO partners around the world direct access to FICO’s best-in-class analytics and decision management tools and technology. Built on open-source technologies and leveraging the latest industry standards, the FICO Analytic Cloud is designed to support data transportability and open modeling best practices. FICO will be rolling out components of the FICO Analytic Cloud throughout 2013. The solution will be available at www.ficoanalyticcloud.com.

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