OutSystems Boosts Application Deployment Efficiency with OutSystems Platform Enhancements

OutSystems PlatformTM 7.0.1 Improves Deployment Performance for Mission Critical Applications

Atlanta, GA, 8thJanuary, 2013

OutSystems Platform

For applications requiring regular change, the ability to minimize deployment risk is a key component for success. OutSystems Platform 7.0.1 addresses this need by allowing the most complex steps of application deployment to be conducted outside of the actual deployment window, ensuring that any downtime or problems arising from deployment do not affect the live application, an absolute necessity in an on-demand business world.

Paulo Rosado, CEO, OutSystems


OutSystems, provider of OutSystems Platform application development tool, announced today several key improvements to the company’s flagship solution, culminating in the release of OutSystems Platform 7.0.1, available now. The latest version of OutSystems Platform greatly improves the deployment process around very large, mission-critical applications, by removing the need to perform risky, time-consuming operations in the actual deployment window.

OutSystems Platform 7.0.1 provides IT teams and developers with:

  • Improved Deployment Processing

    • OutSystems Platform 7.0.1’s enhanced deployment algorithm allows for a massive reduction in the storage needed for large, complex applications. Beta customers with large software factories that have a high number of reusable components are reporting a more than 90 percent reduction in storage requirements.
    • This new deployment algorithm also greatly improves the ability to automatically deploy to multiple front-ends in parallel. The result is a 30 percent reduction in time to deploy applications to large production farm environments.
  • Two Stage Deployment

    • The power of OutSystems Platform’s One-Click Publish can now be managed as two discrete stages, enhancing the overall application deployment process.
    • Development and Operations teams can now perform the more time-consuming steps of an application deployment, like impact analysis, compilation, database scripts generation and file distribution, in the first stage without impacting running applications.
    • On the actual go-live date, IT teams can finish the One-Click Publish process in a very short amount of time (just a few minutes, even in large software factories), while making sure all applications built with OutSystems Platform keep running without downtime.
  • SQL 2012 Support

    • SQL Server 2012 support is included in OutSystems Platform 7.0.1, ensuring that customers can keep their applications compatible with the latest DBMS release with minimal effort.

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