OutSystems Showcases its Platform in Saudi Arabia

OutSystems, a global player in application development, enters the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through strategic involvement in e-Government Summit 2013.

Kingdom e-government Summit

"It is the perfect environment to get feedback on the needs of the region and know how it is evolving, as well as the perfect environment to showcase our state of the art technology.

As government initiatives strive to provide the best e-services to their end users - whether those be government authorities (G2G), consumers (G2C) or business (G2B) - we believe that state of the art technology like ours could be vitality important in ensuring efficient service roll."

OutSystems, provider of OutSystems® Platform, a leading application delivery platform, announced that it is sponsoring the 4th Kingdom e-Government Summit, an event that brings key IT players together with decision makers from Saudi Arabian governmental organizations.

The event takes place at the Intercontinental Hotel, Riyadh, on May 27-28.

The summit will host over 120 influential government officials representing key Saudi Arabian governmental bodies across a variety of industries.

OutSystems Platform has a proven track record of saving millions of dollars for IT governmental organizations and dramatically reducing the time-to-market of enterprise applications. A leader in applying Gartner's Pace Layered Application Strategy to the innovation and differentiation layers - OutSystems allows applications to be extended while commodity packages are kept standard, stable, and untouched.

“Our involvement at this summit and entrance into the Kingdom just goes to show the demand for such leadership roles in the Kingdom. We are here to enhance thought leadership that will result in shorter application development cycles - whether they are for external e-services, mobile applications or internal systems.

The Saudi Arabia market is eager to adopt the most recent and state of the art technologies in use for the past decade in the United States and Europe. OutSystems has been providing such technology to a myriad of government organizations, such as hospitals, municipalities, ministries, universities and even the US Army. The quick time to market and the high quality our technology can provide are a perfect fit for the current fast paced and growing needs of the Kingdom.” - Rodrigo Castelo, Business Development Manager at OutSystems.

For detailed information about the event please visit www.kingdomegovsummit.com.



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