OutSystems Renews Collaboration with Universidade Nova de Lisboa for OutSystems Platform 9

Advanced academic and corporate research joined together to make a better product.

OutSystems, the open, rapid application delivery platform (PaaS) provider, and FCT UNL, CITI (Research Center for Computing and Information Technologies of Universidade Nova de Lisboa) have a partnership to promote knowledge transfer between academic and corporate research. This long running partnership has been an important part of OutSystems program to continue expanding its research and development activities with outstanding academic institutions.

The agreement between OutSystems and CITI covers many areas and aims to foster new developments in OutSystems Platform. Launched last month, OutSystems Platform 9 contains innovative and important features, including new visual data manipulation mechanisms, where the active participation of CITI researchers was crucial for its success.

The improved data manipulation, interaction, visualization, and verification mechanisms allow developers to very quickly and easily create rich and powerful enterprise applications with the confidence that OutSystems Platform will automatically take care of issues like performance and security. This new data manipulation is very simple to use and significant effort was invested in making it extremely expressive. This means developers can deliver most data manipulation requirements found in an enterprise app without the need to write any code (C#, Java, SQL, etc.)

One of the key aspects of this new capability is the use of real data for preview and manipulation. OutSystems Platform 9 gives developers real-time feedback on the changes made to an app, leading to a huge productivity boost in the whole development process.

According to João Costa Seco, leading CITI researcher, "In the last few years, OutSystems was able to put into practice many language-based advances and made a serious effort to seek, absorb, and transfer many scientifically advanced features into their product. The data manipulation features in OutSystems Platform 9 will definitely change the way developers program."

According to Hugo Lourenço, principal engineer at OutSystems, "The collaboration with CITI allowed us to bring the huge body of knowledge and expertise that we have in our academic institutions and apply it to a successful commercial product. The commitment of FCT to our partnership and their scientific excellence had a huge positive impact on this new way of manipulating data. We're confident that this will hold true for other projects that were already started with the University."


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