OutSystems Awards' Winners

Agility Awards Hall of Fame

Agility Awards recognized teams that were able to deliver OutSystems projects on time and on budget
following an Agile Approach. This program has been discontinued and replaced by the Innovation Awards.

WorldDoc - Health Coaching Management System

Implemented by WorldDoc in 21 weeks & 12 sprints

Universidade de Coimbra
Universidade de Coimbra - Lugus

Implemented by Glintt in 12 weeks & 5 sprints

Universidade de Aveiro
Universidade de Aveiro - SCORE Management System

Implemented by CONTISYSTEMS in 17 weeks & 12 sprints

Agência Nacional PROALV
Agência Nacional PROALV - LLP-ERP Management System

Implemented by KeyValue in 5 weeks & 6 sprints

Pombal Municipality
Pombal Municipality - WebDoc 2.0 Management System

Implemented by SimetriCircle in 15 weeks & 8 sprints

Portal for Customers and Medical Doctors Management System

IIplemented by PKF in 22 weeks & 10 sprints

GreenBar - Financial Modeling Application

Implemented by OutSystems in 13 weeks & 7 sprints

Estradas de Portugal
EP - Supplier Management Platform Time Account Creation & Funding

Implemented by TimeStamp in 22 weeks & 7 sprints

Estradas de Portugal
EP - Investment Plan Management Application

Implemented by TrueWind-Chiron in 29 weeks & 10 sprints

ERSAR - Tax Payment Processing System

Implemented by OutSystems in 9 weeks & 3 sprints

APA - Unified Form Application

Implemented by Normática in 42 weeks & 10 sprints

ANA - Bill AS

Implemented by Glintt in 27 weeks & 8 sprints


Implemented by SATA in 16 weeks & 8 sprints

Cyta - BRE Web

Implemented by Jumar Solutions in 9 weeks & 4 sprints

Palexpo - Opportunity and Budget Management (OBM)

Implemented by Pessoas&Processos in 13 weeks & 6 sprints


Implemented by CPCIS in 10 weeks & 4 sprints

Autoridade da Concorrência
Electronic Notification System for Merger Operations

Implemented by Reditus in 6 weeks & 2 sprints

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