OutSystems Awards' Winners

Agility Awards Hall of Fame

Agility Awards recognized teams that were able to deliver OutSystems projects on time and on budget
following an Agile Approach. This program has been discontinued and replaced by the Innovation Awards.

SATA Airlines - Manifest Management

Implemented by SATA in 6 weeks & 4 sprints

Megasis/TAP - "e-FT: Formulários Electrónicos de Tráfego"

Implemented by Do It Lean in 9 weeks & 4 sprints

Hotel das Amoras
Hotel das Amoras - Online Booking Engine

Implemented by OutSystems in 8 weeks & 2 sprints

Gemeente Den Haag - Mijn Haagse Werkzaamheden (MHW)

Implemented by COOLProfs in 18 weeks & 3 sprints

APS - System Improvements

Implemented by Noesis in 8 weeks & 2 sprints

Universidade Católica
Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Quality Management System

Implemented by Keyvalue in 40 weeks & 10 sprints

Mutua dos Pescadores
Mútua dos Pescadores - Multi-Purpose Data Bases

Implemented by Normática in 14 weeks & 6 sprints

TAP - WAB3 - Weight and Balance

Implemented by Do It Lean in 12 weeks & 3 sprints

Municipio de Pombal
Pombal Municipality - WebMeeting

Implemented by Normática in 14 weeks & 7 sprints

Autoridade da Concorrência - SIGAP

Implemented by Reditus in 60 weeks & 6 sprints

G4S Cash Solutions - Customer Web Portal

Implemented by COOLProfs in 15 weeks & 4 sprints

Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos - PORDATA

Implemented by Reditus in 45 weeks & 14 sprints


Implemented by Everis in 39 weeks & 3 sprints

Charles RIver
Internet Colony Management

Implemented by OutSystems in 47 weeks & 16 sprints

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