Behind the OutSystems Keyboard

Sameer Bendre

I’m called the “Agile Guy” because of my involvement with various agile communities. It all started when I came to the US. I’d finished my Bachelor Degree in Computer Technology from Nagpur University, and was working as a software engineer. After a few years of working in India, I came to the US to work at a client site. When I flew for the very first time on July 19, 2003, the plan always was to return home. But during the course of the next few years, I started to get recognition for my work and developed a liking for the US work culture. So, my wife and I started the unpredictable quest for our green cards — it took only 6 years.

Meanwhile, the client we were at was going through a multi-year enterprise agile transformation and I liked the changes I was seeing. It got me curious, so I invested my time to learn more about Agile and Scrum and got certified. I was one of the early volunteers with the Scrum Alliance and after earning my PMP, I started volunteering with the Project Management Institute. That’s when my life started to change. I was fortunate enough to work alongside amazing people who are well-known thought leaders in the agile space. I also had the good fortune of serving as Council-Lead for a global community with over 30,000 members.

When I started with OutSystems, I hadn’t heard of PaaS or worked on the Cloud. That was more than two years ago. Today, I can say that the pace at which our smaller teams deliver high quality enterprise applications is mind-blowing. The last project that I worked on before OutSystems took two and a half years. Today, I know it can be done in less than six months and with half the original team size using OutSystems platform.

Lately, I haven’t dedicated much time to the community, but it is time to reconnect and share the OutSystems way of delivering solutions.

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