Behind the OutSystems Customer Success Team

Riva Uy

I’ve been with OutSystems since 2017. Before that, I was a traditional developer for many years as well as being in a pre-sales role. It was a funny story. Somebody asked me to interview with OutSystems, and for the interview I needed to prepare for a demo interview of the OutSystems platform. It was this preparation that convinced me how great of a product OutSystems is and ultimately was the reason I joined OutSystems.

I love being a solution architect at OutSystems because things are never boring. We never get stuck in a single project for too long. I love doing demos because I can see how people get excited about our product.

Being a female leader at OutSystems is challenging and fulfilling. I’m lucky to have rockstars on my team. I love that our colleagues are very talented and fun loving. We work hard and play hard. We have a lot of team building activities that make working here fun.

If you want to join a company that sells a product that we know will define the future, then I will say it’s a perfect time to join OutSystems!

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