What is AIFusion™?

AIFusion is an OutSystems service that fuses AI seamlessly throughout the developer experience, unleashing creativity and innovation. It accelerates the speed of all aspects of development and dramatically reduces backlogs and technical debt by powering:

  • AI-assisted development. AIFusion enables the platform to maximize productivity and reduce bugs and rework by automating repetitive tasks, making suggestions when a developer hits a wall, and automatically producing pre-built components when needed. 
  • TrueChange™, the OutSystems change management service. TrueChange kicks development and delivery into high gear while working behind the scenes to make sure each developer’s applications are sound and won’t break. 
  • Architecture Dashboard. AIFusion enables Architecture Dashboard to visualize complex cross-portfolio architectures, identify problem areas, and intelligently refactor for scale, reuse, and flexibility.

With AIFusion working behind the scenes, developers can apply more creativity to building evolving systems that adjust to changing needs in near-real-time, and enterprise architects and CIOs can rest assured that their application portfolios are sound.