OutSystems Introduces New SAP Edition

Atlanta, GA -  08.19.2015

OutSystems, the enterprise Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) provider, today announced general availability of a new enterprise edition of OutSystems Platform for SAP. The demand for mobile applications and the resulting need to design powerful new digital experiences for all users are compelling companies to find better and faster ways of adapting SAP to new mobile customer journeys.

OutSystems enables organizations to quickly and easily build advanced, end-to-end applications that make the most of their custom SAP implementation and that run across all devices and screens.

OutSystems for SAP

In order to retain the power of SAP and implement the new generation of mobile apps, many SAP customers must innovate around the edges - adding new capabilities through a myriad of proprietary and third-party solutions. This approach often creates pain points for enterprises in that it breaks upgrade paths, is slow moving, and requires hard-to-find development expertise. Attempting to bend SAP software to the will of the user often produces outcomes that don’t necessarily deliver intended results. Using OutSystems Platform on top of SAP provides a rapid and easy path to achieve true digitization throughout the customer journey.

Key benefits OutSystems Platform for SAP include:

  • Rapid development for SAP: Deliver complex enterprise applications that use SAP data six times faster than hand coding.
  • Beautiful, purpose-built interfaces: Create applications on top of SAP that can be deployed on any device.
  • Rapid integration: Integrate existing systems, including custom SAP implementations, no matter how complex.
  • Trusted capabilities: Inherit what matters from SAP -- security, governance, transactional integrity, and scalability.

The chaos that modern mobile requirements bring to SAP shops is astounding and creates an unnecessary burden for companies,” said Sean Allen, director of product strategy, OutSystems. “The tight integration between OutSystems Platform and SAP allows organizations to retain the major benefits of SAP, while still delivering sophisticated applications with great user experiences.

With OutSystems, customers benefit from a rapid application delivery (RAD) platform that helps them create purpose-built web and mobile apps that leverage SAP data from an application’s conception to the inevitable development challenges necessary to bring full-fledged, mission critical apps to maturity. With OutSystems Platform, custom SAP implementations remain completely intact, while delivering engaging applications that connect to business and customer needs. 

To learn more about how OutSystems for SAP can speed the design, development, delivery, and management of web and mobile applications that tightly integrate to SAP, visit https://www.outsystems.com/enterprise-for-sap.

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