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Transform User Experiences With Next-Generation Digital Engagement Solutions

The P&C business model is undergoing a seismic shift. If your company cannot deliver the personalized digital engagement customers want, you’re vulnerable to new types of competitors who can. How can you stay relevant as a carrier by providing the experience users demand?

Increase Policy Profitability


Beat Insurtech and Big Tech


A Platform For Your Entire Digital Ecosystem


Ensure Regulatory Compliance



See how Deloitte took the guesswork out of insurance risk management with an AI and machine learning solution front-ended with OutSystems

OutSystems for Insurance


Increase Policy Profitability 

How is your company handling the pressure to offset the high costs of claims and underwhelming financial performance? Rethink your business model by shifting to a personalized, continuous relationship with your policyholders powered by solutions built with the OutSystems low-code platform. Eliminate data silos and create a 360-degree view of customers, increasing their lifetime value and reducing the risk of churn.

Learn how Liberty Seguros generated policy growth of 274%

Beat Your Insurtech and Big Tech Competition 

Insurtech and big tech are delivering flawless experiences and disrupting the status quo. Beat them at their own game with OutSystems. Build agent portals, claims applications, and underwriting solutions 10x faster than with traditional methods while plugging innovative solutions into your insurance technology supply chain that use AI, IoT devices, real-time analytics, and more. 

Learn what strategies application development teams are using to speed up development time and capacity.

A Platform for Your Entire Digital Ecosystem

The digital insurance value chain is growing and expanding at an incredible rate. Staying competitive in P&C means being connected to an ecosystem that allows you to offer more holistic, end-to-end user experiences. OutSystems lets you build a digital insurance engagement layer that not only integrates your environment with your entire insurance ecosystem but also makes future extensions into other ecosystems easy. 

Learn how Fidelidade delivered an integrated view of all customers for a great user experience across all channels.

Quickly Respond to New Regulations and Security Standards 

Many insurance carriers operate in multiple states or even internationally. Adjusting your policies and procedures to adhere promptly to new state or federal regulations is critical to achieving compliance. The OutSystems platform enables you to customize your workflows, business rules, and application UI in a matter of hours—not months—so you can comply with new laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Learn how Deloitte used AI to take the guesswork out of an insurer’s risk management initiatives

Webinar: Digital Insurance Trends 2019

Put the Customer Experience at the Heart of Your Digital Strategy

Explore how to address core challenges and trends in the insurance industry with a flawless user experience and strong connections to an ever-evolving value-based ecosystem.

Join this OutSystems webinar on-demand to learn more about the core challenges and trends in the insurance industry. Guest speakers Ellen Carney, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Eduardo Romano, Director of Insurance at everis and former CIO of Liberty Seguros, will cover the current issues affecting insurers and share real-world stories about how other insurers are addressing them.


Ellen Carney

Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals


Eduardo Romano

Director of Insurance

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