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DoiTLean is a services company dedicated to building web and mobile applications using OutSystems low-code platform. We are experts in agile delivery and believe in building lean solutions that bring immediate impact to your business. Servicing customers all around the world our experts can help you maximize your investment in OutSystems.


Projects Delivered

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  • myPM
    • Business Services
    • Project Management Software
    3 Developers 15 Weeks Web Application 2019

    MyPM is a project management platform for project managers & certifiers group. The dashboard provides a contextual view of all projects and each project's health with a visual understanding as to what is happening at any given stage. With this added insight, program managers and directors have the ability to react to a potential problem before they occur.

  • iLINE Weld Advisor
    • Manufacturing
    • Inventory Management Software
    3 Developers 7 Weeks Web Application 2020

    iLINE Weld Advisor simplifies the remote auditing of pipe weld inspections performed during pipeline construction or remediation. It allows personnel and clients to setup up projects and associate remote auditors. The application works seamlessly with Shawcor’s weld scan image cloud repository and makes the information available to remote auditors.

  • PEMS (Pressure Equipment Management System)
    • Energy & Utilities
    • Preventive Maintenance Software
    3 Developers 13 Weeks Web Application 2019

    PEMS enables the tracking of equipment inventory and lifecycle. Inspections are managed within the application giving a precise view on each piece of equipment's status, maintenance cycle, etc. It also automates complex reporting activities to entities such as TSASK and insurance companies.

  • Allegro
    • Business Services
    • Portal Software
    3 Developers 6 Months Mobile Application 2019

    Allegro is a strategic omni-channel application (mobile and web) for the Certis Group that simplifies the management of employee leave, expenses, welfare benefits and access to other important corporate info. The app serves a global workforce of 20,000. User experience and support for our large scale was paramount for this application's success.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Sync iT - Data Migration Automation
    • All Industries | Database Management Systems
    Sync iT is an essential productivity tool for any OutSystems shop. The tool allows migrating application data from one OutSystems infrastructure to another, regardless if it is on-premise or hosted in the OutSystems cloud.
  • Let iT Flow Document Management
    • Business Services
    • Document Management Software
    With Let It Flow you can now manage your documents through an easy to use interface. The platform automatically controls the document’s SLA and using the Let It Flow Dashboard you can quickly identify critical documents that need attention.

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