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Checklist for quality assurance

The checklist is a mobile app for quality assurance with the special feature that both hands must remain free for certain quality checks. Special features are: Voice input, voice output and the integration of product data, checklists and barcodes.

agentbase travel expenses

travel expenses let you manage complex requirements of business travel accounting in an easy way: Native app for travellers to create trips, receipts, and billings as they come including photo - workflow to streamline creation, approval and payout - professional PDF reporting - web solution as a role-based self service + approval + management portal

OutSystems Platform Optimization​

Remove the risk of upgrading systems in production​, and reduce time and cost of dedicating in-house resources​. We have a number of services to help you upgrade and optimize your OutSystems platform.

UX UI Design Services

UX UI services designed to ensure successful user adoption and business outcomes​ for your OutSystems Applications.

QA & CI/CD Automation

A customized portfolio of services targeted at integrating OutSystems low-code development with the latest QA and Automation approaches​ to meet your needs.

CloudCare 24/7 Monitoring and Support

CloudCare is the first 24/7 Monitoring and Support service for OutSystems applications, wherever they are hosted.


Verwaltung eines Pandemie Tagebuchs mit Symptom-Nachverfolgung, Ermitteln und Verwalten von Kontaktpersonen, Anordnen und Verwalten von PCR Tests, Anzeigen von Statistiken nach Gemeinden, Ortsteilen und zeitlichem Verlauf


Bei vielen Unternehmen ist die Zahl der Firmen-Parkplätze begrenzt. Eine intelligente Parkplatzverwaltung kann dabei helfen, die Parkplätze optimal auszulasten und Mitarbeitern einen Zusatznutzen zu verschaffen.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solution

For organizations seeking low code purpose-built web/mobile applications in the cloud that are subject to HIPAA Compliance, T4S Partners offers a complete build and manage offering. Our Compliant Cloud Solution with OutSystems ensures the entire solution stack – from application layer through to infrastructure hosting meets HIPAA regulatory requirements.

Safe Havens Case Management, school, student, family and community safeguarding

Addressing the unimaginable cost and alarming trends of child sexual abuse.

Return to Office

During COVID-19, many companies were forced to have their employees working remotely. After a couple of months, governments allowed the return to the office in a controlled manner. This solution allows your employees to request a day at the office, including multi-layered approval and provides monitoring & reporting on the max. capacity of the building.


In today’s rapidly changing world, innovations are more important than ever. Managing the collection, selection and incubation of innovative ideas can be an administrative maze. This solution allows you to gather ideas from employees in configurable innovation rounds, interact & vote on those ideas and enrich them for incubation.


With Mollie you can build your business wherever you want. Whether you want to grow internationally or focus on a specific market, Mollie supports all major payment methods.

Integrated Sales Portal with Microsite Functionality

This integrated sales portal provides sales and account teams with a complete view into client demos, success stories, solution approaches and technical sales collateral. Sales and account teams with no application development experience can create and publish their own custom microsites with content they want to focus on.

Digital Banking in a Box

Netlink's Digital Banking in a Box provides solutions for banks and financial organizations of any size to manage their financial activities via desktop or any smart devices. We provide complete flexibility to optimize and scale applications with dynamic user experience, all constructed from a single platform.

Hi Two Columns Same Height

Component to display columns with the same height. You can also set different widths for the first column and different gap sizes.

Hi Table Records Expandable

Component to allow the user to create and display expandable content inside the table.

Hi Multi Select Dropdown

Component to select multiple choices from several options.

Hi Custom Section Index

Component to enable the users to navigate within a page quickly.

Hi Custom Section

Component that separates content and that can include actions.

Hi Custom Breadcrumbs

Component to display the current user location in applications with a deep page hierarchy.