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Hi Card Center Row Content

Component used to show content in the center row plus the choice of having other content or actions in the left and/or right side of the card.

Hi Banner Card

Component with a banner custom content. The Banner's area without images, or having images without background will have a filled background with a color of your choice.

Hi Advanced Search

Component to allow the user to use multiple types of search inputs.

UX/UI Services

Creating a delightful experience for the user is a balanced act between usability, interface design, and technology. With a Design Thinking approach, we’re able to build digital products addressing both the business and user needs fostering the best digital experiences for your customers.

Agent Diary for Agents - Incentive and Commission Management

Agent Diary is an easy-to-use application which lets you experience a new approach to view your Sales Agents details of Commission, Incentives, Schemes and Client details via native mobile application.

OS Page Builder

OS Page Builder, Features: Create Unlimited Pages, Create Page Templates, WYSIWYG Editor, Drag and Drop Widgets, Images Galleries, Embedded Video, Rich Text Editor, Dynamics Forms, SEO Functionality, Page Routing, Modular Architecture, Much More

Find my doctor

Find My Doctor is a mobile solution that allows users to book physician appointments based on a number of key factors such as ratings, location and speciality. The physician can review the users details and set up an appointment and can navigate to the appointment location via Google Maps.

PhoenixDX Field Services Solution

The PhoenixDX Field Services solution is an application to empower your workers in the field. Manage incidents, expenses, contracts, work orders, forms, time and attendance and your workforce mobility.

PhoenixDX Workspace

With the current working environment changing regularly, and people demanding more flexibility, we believed there could be a better way to deploy facilities management software and desk booking. So we decided to build, with leading organisations, a flexible product that has over 500+ person/days of R&D and is in use in small to large enterprises.

Asset Management & Planning System

The Asset Management & Planning System (AMPS) is a flexible enterprise asset management and logistics solution. It keeps track of assets and by allocating resources appropriately, enhancing productivity while minimizing operational and lifecycle costs. Its unique deploy ability supports organizations where assets are globally spread.

Multi Factor Authentication for Outsystems Back office

Securing your Outsystems environment for IT users that need to login and use Service Studio, Integration Studio, Service Center and LifeTime, authenticating against Azure using a rotating PIN that expires.


RubixCube is a solution that fast tracks the ability to determine whether new or existing ventures or ideas are viable. It enables subject matter experts to break the process of building a new business into easily understandable building blocks.


Train and assess your staff with verified educational content from industry leaders, innovators, and subject matter experts, so that you’re better prepared to get ahead and excel in your profession. Set your training goals and report on them.


Experience The Digital Workforce platform of the future, today. One platform to create your solutions and processes all in one place with this no code solution builder. Track, execute, manage and report from any mobile device or web browser.


e-KYC is an accelerator that automates identification and verification of your customers; be it an individual, an enterprise, or a trust. It allows you to quickly configure and automate KYC processes that are rule-based and to integrate with external KYC data providers to facilitate a complete e-KYC, where the customer is NOT required to visit your office.

Digital Retail Banking

Digital Banking is not just about having a Mobile Banking App. The Digital Bank accelerator is quickly deployable within 3 months. Persistent Digital Bank template is quickly deployable for your standard Loan and Deposit Products. It offers standard integrations with LOS, Credit Decisioning, and GL Systems amongst others.

Loan Origination

Loan Origination based on Microservices architecture, are out-of-the-box accelerator for various types of Loans with multiple integration options.

Find it

The Fuzzy Search solution reduces search time to a minimum. At lightning speed it can find that single record in tons of data across multiple apps and only needs minimum input to get what you want. And not only that, it grows along with your company.

Predict it

It requires a lot of data to know your assets and predict their maintenance. We are able to predict these needs. We collect the data by adding IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to equipment, which gather large amounts of data. The data is put into our Proactive Maintenance solution that is specifically built to analyse multiple, complex patterns and trends

Plan it

The automated scheduling solution can continuously solve the most complex planning puzzles, no matter what constraints or business rules are thrown at it. In a matter of seconds, combining best-in-class low code, big data and machine learning technology provides you with the optimal schedule in real time.

Space Management

Space Management is a tool for managing physical spaces reservations such as workstations, lunch spots or parking slots. In addition it can be used to promote social distancing and possible reduction in the risk of transmission of contagious diseases like COVID-19.

OMNI Channel Customer Engagement Solution

OMNI helps you drive digital transformation across your organization. It is an intuitive cross-channel sales and service platform for agents, call center, online customer site, bank assurance, affinity, car dealers and comparison sites with simplified experiences adjusted to each channel.

Wine Connection

Wine connection (WICO) is an user-friendly interface with streamlined processes that allows the producers to ensure more accurate records, as well as the control and traceability of all actions and costing in the wine production business.