Verification and approval of inbound invoices

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Solution Overview

Workflow solution for the verification of incoming invoices. Your advantages: Immediate approval, discount deadlines adhered as well as more transparency.
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Other Solutions from agentbase AG

Checklist for quality assurance
The checklist is a mobile app for quality assurance with the special feature that both hands must remain free for certain quality checks. Special features are: Voice input, voice output and the integration of product data, checklists and barcodes.
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Regulatory Compliance
The "Regulatory Compliance" workflow consists of various steps from the determination of requirements, or application, through approval and checking, to the automatic creation of the production bill of materials in SAP, including e-mail notification
Mobile App: Invoice approval workflow
The solution is a mobile app for the approval of open invoices in a company. The users are guided through the process with the help of a workflow. Benefits: Improve transparency & speed of your processes and operations through digital processes.
Sales App with legacy integration
With assistance of our solution, customer data from a sales legacy application is provided in a mobile app. This ensures faster work in the sales team and more transparency.
RPA-Integration: Invoice verification with UiPath Software-Bot
The software-Bot takes the invoice, extracts the data and examinates it. This process is followed by a formal audit which is normally done by a human. The robot delivers the result back to the human before it goes into the technical audit.
Group Calendar App
Group Calendar is a mobile App with REST-CALL integration to an IBM Notes/Domino database with appointments and meetings for companies. The mobile app increases transparency in your company.