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ROUTiLOGIX Logistics Management System

Solution Overview

ROUTiLOGIX continuously listens to all process components, identifies problem areas and responds to continuous change. This is all about harmonious interaction between the components: demand management, resource management, route planning, and route execution.

Key Features

  • Detailed driver debrief function
  • End of a shift reconciliation process 
  • A suite of reports to track all movements and auxiliary data like fuel consumption, driver hours and defects.
  • Automatically captures all execution feedback including location tracking and event feedback
  • Easy to use, drag-drop User Interface
  • Route optimization, including incremental re-run on partially completed routes
  • Planned versus Actual route analysis
  • Total process control
  • Mobile driver app DRIViLOGIX running on the same platform
ISB Global - ROUTiLOGIX Logistics Management System
ISB Global - ROUTiLOGIX Logistics Management System
ISB Global - ROUTiLOGIX Logistics Management System

Problem Solved and Key Benefits

The problem with traditional logistics solutions: they cut up the end-to-end process, leaving a landscape of fragmented and sub-optimized components that don't work in unison. Every process hand-off point is a point of process failure. Granted, advanced logistics optimizers produce great solutions, but they never solve 100% of the problem, leaving the planning team with a big dilemma: manually fit in those (heavily constrained) unscheduled orders, or ditch the whole solution and do it manually?

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